Why are you a libertarian?

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2022.01.20 07:51 Dharma1994 Why are you a libertarian?

I’ve always been a socialist but only recently learning about what makes libertarianism unique. What are the pros of this ideology in your view? (I realise it’s a complicated issue)
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2022.01.20 07:51 xixiloveslife Laser being put to work. 100 pieces in total at 5”x5” in size. 15/90 4 passes for assurance.

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2022.01.20 07:51 ichnos92 Survivor - Love Has Got Me

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2022.01.20 07:51 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.20 07:51 perochan Comeback Stage: VICTON - Chronograph @ Mnet M Countdown (220120)

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2022.01.20 07:51 willow_tre I need help being more feminine

So I knew I was trans when I was 15. I tried coming out to my mom on two separate occasions but it just turned into screaming and I've been feeling really dysphoric lately so I decided I needed to come here for help
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2022.01.20 07:51 ziggysttardust Trans Girl looking for a SD 🥺

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2022.01.20 07:51 HundredYearsOld My Essay on he current Ukraine/Russia Conflict (Very Long Post)

Take a cup of tea or coffee to read.
What's happening? Twenty or more years of theft and export of money by the oligarchs to the West. The impoverishment of the population, the degradation of industry and culture. Great mortality. At the same time, America did not turn away and was inclined to help. Why such aggression from the Kremlin? War is a struggle of economies, but the two economies are incompatible. Money, real estate, relatives of the oligarchs in the West and, logically, this version of events should not be. Let's try to figure it out. With the advent of Christianity, there has never been a democracy in Russia. The exception is Nizhny Novgorod and the Lithuanian-Polish state, which were defeated by Moscow. There has always been a dictatorship and management of the eastern type with the greatest cruelty.
The elite of Russia was a separate layer even in Soviet times and there was a time when the children of the ruling class first learned to speak a foreign language and lastly Russian. Christianity did not help, but exacerbated the bad situation, and the church at one time was the largest holder of slaves, slaves of its own nationality. This is a matrix, to put it more clearly, Windows on a computer, the initial environment where other programs are then included. Gorbachev tried to replace this matrix, to change the egregor. What started here: All nationalities began to run away from the Kremlin, who are smarter under the roof of NATO, since everything was based on strength and cruelty. Some made it. Lithuania, for example, they live to the north and they have almost no infusion of eastern blood, this is important. In the USSR, there was a savvy struggle between the party and the KGB for power. The KGB won Perestroika. If you think that the KGB and the CIA are one and the same, then you are wrong. A dog that has no owner is a rabid dog that must be shot. Unfortunately, the American government began to understand this too late. The people here have nothing to do with it at all, but television is educating, fantastic money is being invested in this, Goebels propaganda.
What then is happening now? After all, it's not logical. The Kremlin cannot fight America and never could before. Even if we imagine that the USSR defeated the States, then what will he do with it? It is clear that the loss of territories does not strengthen imperial ambitions. The fewer territories, the fewer exploited people, the less taxes, and therefore the loss of Ukraine is a significant blow to the empire. But it turns out illogical, they stole, they stole, and now they realized it, now they got smart? There is no logic. There is no logic if you do not take into account the factor of China. The psychological portrait of the president is weak-willed, cowardly, poor health, small stature, this is the chosen figure as an intermediary between the oligarchs and everything went as they wanted. In some year, in China, there was a meeting between the Kremlin and their Pilot. I was then amazed at how much our president flattered the Chinese, it was very noticeable. I couldn't be wrong. Everything that is happening now is a Chinese game, this is their logic.
The Kremlin government now looks like an ordinary mafia that has become power. Of course, this in itself is scary, but the mafia never claims world domination even in this case. No ideological platform was ever put forward for the whole board. This simply can not be if... The ruling class is not under external control. I used to think that this is beneficial to the United States. This is partly true, but recent events show that this is not entirely true. The picture is made up of puzzles. Gas from Russia is supplied to China, but a Chinese resident pays less for it than a Russian one. Siberia is cut down and the timber is exported to China almost for free. A large, quiet migration of the Chinese to the Far East, where, through third parties, enterprises are registered for the Chinese and the behavior of the Kremlin when meeting with Chinese officials is subordinated. It is visible visually. Recent events in Kazakhstan confirm this. They raised the price of gas, people took to the streets and began to resent. Sports people with weapons appeared. The people have no weapons, the motivation of the people is different. These are people from a different branch of government. Let me remind you that feudalism is now in Kazakhstan and close relatives rule, the main income is natural resources. Russia sends troops to stop the bloodshed and rubs its hands. Now the Kremlin thinks, all our resources and.... quickly, quickly withdraws troops back. Why? There was a cry, a wish from China to withdraw the military from the territory. Everything, the puzzles have developed, the logic has earned. I already told you that the top Kremlin is hysterically looking for a way out, because in the future they do not want to go to The Hague. A lot of crimes. China today is the only entity that can give them guarantees. Although in their place I would trust China in the last place, but ignorance, a weak intellectual level and weak intuition do their job. On the territory of Russia for a long time there was such a country of Khazaria. The ruling class professed Judaism, and all other other religions. This is the matrix of today's Kremlin. This is not a viable scheme, it will perish, the only question is when.
Regarding some American mistakes. They let the rat eat the food warehouse with impunity and now they threatened the rat with a cat and the rat got scared, but now the rat's ambitions have become very big and maybe it thinks that she is now not a rat, but a super rat. Eventually.. Europe is corrupted by the Kremlin and partly by the USA, I think that the Kremlin brains would not have coped with this. Let me remind you that the former chancellor of Germany is now on the management staff of the Russian gas company, and so on. Property and relatives in America, this suggests that the owner just pulled the rat by the leash, otherwise the money would have been elsewhere. Why, then, was everything so quiet before that and there was no noise in the foreign press? Foreign, because there is no other press now. Because this is the Asian style of warfare. The war began a long time ago, let's remember Jackie Chan and Hollywood action movies with the Chinese. This is Cold War style with all due respect to my beloved Chan. China is ant civilization. The victim does not know, because it is so big, and the ants are so small. My hope is that the American elite has not completely degraded and will understand this danger and mobilize society, mobilize competently, without panic.
What is the US behavior like? Imagine. An adult man is walking home from work and a little hooligan comes up to him from around the corner and insults him. The man realizes that big hooligans are standing around the corner and waiting. What should this man do? At home, wife, children, hot dinner. Most often in such a situation, a person makes the wrong decision. It is necessary to accept the danger in all its volume and regard the attack not only on oneself, but on the whole family. But here a question immediately arises. How far have the American elite been separated from American society? The trends towards this were very large. Once again I want to say. The Kremlin is not a patient of a psychiatric clinic, the maximum that it can do is destroy a couple of American cities and end its existence there. Someone is standing around the corner and this little hooligan is most afraid not of a man coming home from work, but is terribly afraid of those big hooligans around the corner. Apart from China, there can be no one there.
I understand that many Americans think of the Kremlin president as a macho, super man. This is a publicity stunt that has nothing to do with reality. A lot of money was spent on this, the money of the poor people. Funny. Everyone thinks USSR fought against fascism and defeated it and now it will never happen again. If fascism is now called differently, then it does not cease to be fascism. What to do? It is impossible to change the structure of Russia from within. If only some state finds strength and this state removes the oligarchs from control and puts Navalny in control of the country, then this will be a way out. Russia is eighty percent white people, a European type of thinking. If the country comes under Chinese rule, the white people will eventually be destroyed by China's mild will. History tells us this everywhere. Recall Ain in Japan, the Japanese are the Chinese. I would not like such a development of events. This will make China even stronger. Turning the US eye on this problem can lead to this. I understand that it is difficult to accept the fact that the war is already on and tell yourself who your enemy is, just be honest, and not declare the enemy a meaningless rat that can be added quite simply. I am not the CIA, but I also understand that the Kremlin can be distracted in many ways. For instance.. Negotiate with Afghanistan,, to attack Tajikistan and move on, the Kremlin will be forced to forget about Ukraine, this is no longer the shooting of peaceful unarmed demonstrations. This is one option. Second. Agree with Ankara. Turkey takes Chechnya under its protectorate and they open a second front. The Kremlin is a rat's nest, there are no heroes, it will all work. If think I'll think about it and come up with ten more options.
The Americans may have a question. Why does the Kremlin want to take Ukraine with such persistence? Ukraine left the Moscow egregor. With the advent of democracy there, even before that, a middle class will form, trade and culture will develop. These are people of the European type. The country will turn into one of the European countries. Let me remind you that Russia went to be formed from Kiev (was the first capital of the Russian State). This is a very bad example, from Moscow's point of view, for the countries that belong to the Kremlin. Then the empire will end.
Before answering the question why Ukraine, you need to make a psychological portrait of the President of Moscow, yes, yes, Moscow, since he is illegitimate and chooses himself. Small stature, weak will, weak intellectual ability, coming from a poor working environment, there is clearly an inferiority complex. Hence - judo and the KGB school. There, the nickname stuck to him - Moth. The beginning is always the same, informing on your fellow students and the people around you in the KGB is a sign of loyalty. At the KGB school, he did not show himself and was removed from further work in this direction, but he entered the service of the oligarchs and was elected president by them, as a weak person who can be controlled. Look at early photos without access and PR. But why Ukraine? There was such a Bulgarian blind prophetess Vanga. I don't know if they know her in America. In the USSR, she was very popular, by the way, she prophesied the collapse of the USSR. But she prophesied something else - A man under the name Vladimir will be born in Russia and will unite all the Slavic countries and other countries will be drawn to Russia and Russia will be ruled according to other laws, everything will be fine and fair. How do you like the prophecy? The president is weakly intellectual, which means he is very static, he constantly travels to shamans in Siberia, and he knows this prophecy for sure. By the way, I don’t understand why no one noticed this on YouTube. Firstly. It is absolutely certain that Vladimir is not him, a bandit cannot suddenly become a good person in this life, with the exception of a robber hanging next to Jesus. A flying stone cannot suddenly change trajectory. Secondly, I have always said about this that Vladimir can come from Belarus or from Ukraine, since this is also Russia. By the way, historically, Ukraine has more chances to be called Russia than Moscow. What are the US options? Probably the easiest, but not the best, is to negotiate with China. The President of Moscow is not an independent figure, and a couple of words from China are enough for this Kremlin rat to run in a different direction. China has a lot to offer. But I think sometimes it's better to lose a hand than honor. Let's see what will happen next. It is a pity for the people who will be used in these conflicts and who do not understand what is happening. Now the United States is helping Ukraine with weapons. Maybe that's right, maybe not. After all, the mentality of Ukrainians still remains Russian, and where will these weapons shoot in the future? The main emphasis should be placed on the change of consciousness, and in this matter it is impossible to bypass the church. All Slavic countries, including Poland, with all my respect for it, suffer from a lack of pedantry, a lot of noise and little work, emotions are good in art. My advice would be this - take someone from Latvia or, in extreme cases, from Finland as the country's chief manager, there is the least amount of eastern blood there.
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2022.01.20 07:51 Party_Citron8596 Yay or Nae? (the likes)

Yay or Nae? (the likes)
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2022.01.20 07:51 Medical-Emu2639 什么人更爱分享假新闻?

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2022.01.20 07:51 Psycho-Silver Marching into battle

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2022.01.20 07:51 Yuli-Ban Demonoid | Yulaan vs. Colonel Vocke: Clash on Soley Island

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2022.01.20 07:51 _scorp_ Laptop Stand for prime 4

Yeah I know I should use it standalone, but sometimes you just want the flexibility the laptop gives you.
Ideally I'm looking for something that will fit around the prime 4 in a flight case, anyone seen anything similar?
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2022.01.20 07:51 Puzzleheaded_Newt427 Fordnide

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2022.01.20 07:51 TheWitcherRalin Tips to improve going forward? These are my first two attempts. I use shaving cream and pro chem dye. Thanks!

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2022.01.20 07:51 luperbels 2 days left for our Auctioned NFT Collection!

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2022.01.20 07:51 slinno LPR Breathing problems and anxiety

I have been on the acid watchers diet for about 3 weeks now, but my Post Nasal Drip and breathing problems are worse than ever, especially when I have anxious thoughts regarding health. I have my endoscopy in about 3 weeks. I dont know what to do until then. I am trying anything but nothing helps. I took sertraline last summer for about 5 months and I was fine with my LPR, but I drank a lot of coffee and alcohol so I guess my esophagus couldnt heal in that time. This disease takes so much strength.
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2022.01.20 07:51 LookRevolutionary198 Hey guys what's your favourite sex song and why ?

mine is Bound 2 by Kanye West
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2022.01.20 07:51 ChaddyE Tips on quitting

Today is the first day that im stopping smoking weed since being high every day for the better part of a year, I have smoked for around 2 years now but it only got worse during Covid. I normally smoke as soon as i wake up but im almost halfway through the day and still yet to use it..I normally smoke joints ( Weed and tobacco ), Ive heard that its easier if you smoke blunts as the tobacco can also make it difficult to stop. Is this a good idea? Sorry if it sounds dumb, just unsure.

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2022.01.20 07:51 EntertainmentGold985 Rituals Cosmetics Body Cream

I’m really considering getting a jar but I’m a bit stuck on which scent to get. Going to a store and trying them out isn’t really an option considering everything. Just wondering if anyone has tried them and can suggest which to get.
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2022.01.20 07:51 progressiefje Francken over onthullingen overstromingen: “Dat premier dit aangrijpt om dogmatische klimaatagenda te verkopen, geen woord

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2022.01.20 07:51 Wadeem53 19, 5'9 132 lbs. Never been to a gym, want to start going there. What do you think i should work on and what do you think my day 1 lift numbers will look like 😁?

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2022.01.20 07:51 chambourcin On cold mornings, my 2017 model uses an aftermarket defroster to warm up before she can run

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