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UK government accused of "blackmail" to keep scandal-plagued Johnson in power - Reuters UK

2022.01.20 09:08 zsmithworks UK government accused of "blackmail" to keep scandal-plagued Johnson in power - Reuters UK

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2022.01.20 09:08 Felps-o-gamer Uma coisa é perder pontos e outra é jogar em lugares que não existem!!!!

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2022.01.20 09:08 ThunderLightningX Are you happy today?

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2022.01.20 09:08 TapRooTSupport Do You Need Knowledge & Inspiration to Make it Through 2022?

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2022.01.20 09:08 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Lifestyle] - Dear Abby: After fights, my husband shuts himself away from me and the kids | Chicago Sun-Times

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2022.01.20 09:08 Senua_Chloe Retrospective: The simplest error handler

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2022.01.20 09:08 zsmithworks China's disciplinary agency vows to maintain strong, persistent crackdown on corruption - Xinhua

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2022.01.20 09:08 Glittering_Cake9952 As this slowly turns into the battle pass fiasco, I have one request: Don’t act like how this sub acted the battle pass fiasco.

Essentially, the battle pass fiasco was one of the greatest mess ups in the history of the game, and is far far worse than what happened this time.
What happened this time MIGHT deserve fighting over. Personally, I don’t see what everyone is SO riled up about, but I accept that there might be different perspectives from me. That said.
During the battle pass, this sub was the most riled up it’s ever ever been, and one of the worst things was the constant misinformation. Honestly, I can’t find the post, but I remember there was a post in Hot that said you got 32.2 gold everyday from your daily quests. Sounds really bad, right?
I’m not gonna mention why that’s wrong here to make my point.
During the battle pass, people took things completely out of context, straight up lied about it, or genuinely didn’t know they had their facts wrong. This was one of the messiest periods in this sub ever.
Please don’t harass or attack specific people or even streamers. Please don’t spread blatant misinformation. I implore you. Be better. You don’t need to attack someone to criticise a team of people or a corporation.
Mods, if you see this, please don’t let this end up like the fiasco that was the battle pass crusade.
Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.
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2022.01.20 09:08 artbytal Met my first anti-maskers tonight

Weird I made it this far in the end, working in a bar after all, even the local loonies wear their masks!
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2022.01.20 09:08 _Sewer_Rat My period is late

I had sex at the beginning od december(we used condoms as usual), then my period started 10 days later as it should. I got very sick on January just when my period should start, i vomited everything i ate. My period is now 6 days late and i'm very stressed, is this pregnancy?
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2022.01.20 09:08 Pristine_Mention_875 Looking for other experienced traders and analysts to participate in our new discussion group focusing on web3.

Hi all,
I recently organised a discussion group with a focus on macro and technical analysis of the web3 space and we are looking for like-minded participants.
The group is designed to be a clear space for serious traders to share content and discuss trade ideas without all the noise usually experienced in crypto chat groups.
The group will be kept small to start with so that high value content is ensured, nothing will be required of you.
I won't go into further detail on this post, if you're interested just send me a dm and we can discuss further.
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2022.01.20 09:08 Crazyblackbul Thickness

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2022.01.20 09:08 ezikler Omicron: Is it too early to lift restrictions in the UK?

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2022.01.20 09:08 britochampion gangplank matchup

how are you supposed to play this? i obviously take second wind d shield but i feel like without jungle threatening ganks it's just impossible to play against. obviously people in solo queue dont even know how the jungle works so gp players will still be at my tower at timings where it is obvious that the jungler is top and could gank them, so if the jungler doesnt actually gank they dont even respect anything. if he is allowed to sit at your turret and q spam you how do you actually play the game? its not like you even win all in easily, if he has R you have to outplay him to win and with a couple items he just 2 shots you with a barrel. how am i supposed to beat this? i saw on u.gg that gwen supposedly has a good winrate into gp but i really dont see how ur supposed to beat gp if he doesn't troll really hard. if he sits on top of a barrel its really hard to ever trade into him since he just hits it and runs away with passive movespeed and q's you on the way out, cant cheese him level 1 since his passive does insane damage. would really like some help for this since this is a matchup im struggling with. im fairly new to gwen but i have had relative success with her apart from this one matchup that i cant deal with
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2022.01.20 09:08 Ben_MOR First timer, am I doing it right guys ?

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2022.01.20 09:08 GoodUniversity3485 Bala tegnogym

Seguinte seus drogados peguei 4 tecnogym pra dropar com minha mina 2 pra cada, só que bala boa tem gosto ruim todo mundo sabe. Mas essa não tinha gosto de nada parecia uma farinha mas nós deixou com euforia um pouco vontade de beber lembrando não tinha gosto de nada. Oq pode ser a era? Pois bala MD etc tem gosto sempre ruim ajuda aí??????
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2022.01.20 09:08 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] McGowan extends WA’s hard border past February 5 ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.20 09:08 maznur16 euler tools

Join this project. It has great prospects and meets all modern requirements. The project team successfully performs all the assigned tasks. https://www.euler.tools/
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2022.01.20 09:08 Mission_Society6282 help!

hi guys, could someone help me with this link Study Guide Exam I HRM 361 - Study Guide Exam I Chapter 1 Introduction Question What is not managing ethical behavior a b c d \u25cf Have a code of ethics | Course Hero
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2022.01.20 09:08 appsaraby "المركزي التركي" يقرر تثبيت الفائدة عند مستويات 14%

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2022.01.20 09:08 mthrs 7279 0215 8403 - I’ll be at the gym 2 minutes, add quick and be online.

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2022.01.20 09:08 Suspicious_minds99 Will Drop Nineteens release a new album??!

Recently the band created a twitter account and posted a message. I think there are already 3 classic bands announcing that they will release new material (mbv, slowdive, drop nine)
Sorry if someone has already posted something about this.
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2022.01.20 09:08 m60patton105mm Above the clouds…

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2022.01.20 09:08 Rapaportisnumber1 When you hear the name - Brett "tiny dong" Hartley - what do you instantly think about?

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2022.01.20 09:08 AstralDemoNEater Hi, I need to know if I`m ESFP. Very many text.

English is not my native language. I really hope it's readable.

I communicate with several typists, and so far main version is that I`m ESFP.
I can definitely say that I`m not a healthy type, and most likely I have a loop and a grip. At least descriptions are very similar. As I thought about other descriptions too, lol. But ESFP Ni grip describes my condition for most of my life. Especially accurately said about the prediction. And comments in this post describe my usual behavior very accurate to horror. Seriously WTF?
According to my research, I am a reptilian with Ne Ti Fi Si in any order. All I know for sure is that I'm 6w5
I invented insanely simple quick polling method:
My values or group values - Mine. Fi Оverall picture or details - The overall. Se Accept the fact, or consider - Accept. Te Many options or one - One. Ni
Someone from ISFP, ESFP, INTJ, ENTJ.
I don't know how it`s scientific , but if it works, I've made a breakthrough at MBTI. 😁

About ESFP many stereotypes, and because I don't fit into them, I doubt very much that I am that type. As they say about Se-dom, these people think very little, party animal, love to do stupid things, always leaders, irresponsible, aggressive, love sports. But ESFP characters, that I found in personality-database, I always liked. I felt like they were the best version of me.
That is why I think that I am not suitable for ESFP:
- Its normal for SE to be clumsy? My idea Se, that they are fully aware of their body and their surroundings. I feel like I just exist in space. Therefore, although I perceive the world around me well, I often cannot accurately and clearly reproduce the actions that people do. Accuracy and attentiveness are absolutely not my traits. I have noticed, that more I worry about something, the more I cannot maintain my sense of the environment.
- I really don't like being in charge of group. I'm not a leader at all. I don't like to take part in fights, I don't like sports. I like to feel my body, or that I'm part of the world, but I REALLY don't like to feel physical discomfort and spoil my mood. And because I very well know what physical pain is, for me very difficult to harm someone. I absolutely don't want to harm others, as it was to me. And also I don't like feeling when my fist hits someone alive, and then there are consequences.
- I am very trusting. VERY. It was even worse when I was young. Because of what I got into trouble because of the actions those, who called me my friends, but in reality they just used me. It always seemed to me that XXFX should immediately, at any age, recognize problem in people, and not when it was already too late. Especially ESFP should not be offended and aggressively protect yourself. But at school I was bullied and often beaten. And I just could not answer, because I would hurt a person. Sounds like an animt plot, I know. I also knew about consequences. I didn't want my classmates' parents to scream and beat me. And if director calls my guardians, they will believe, that it`s all my fault, how they always did it. And home they will also start insulting and beating me. I was terribly afraid of adults. After interacting with my guardians, my belief, that adults are smart and caring, was shattered.
- I don't live in one moment. My terrible life has taught me, that every action has a consequence. Therefore, I analyze everything from point of view of action-consequence. I'm not at all frivolous. True, being with friends I often forget about consequences, and I just want to have fun. But I often stop myself and remind not cross the border. Because of this, I don't like parties and alcohol. I don't like how people getting themself drunk, acting irresponsibly and hurting those others. Therefore, any person, or action, who behaves themself irresponsibly, makes me feel rejected.
- I was developing a theory to connect a person, they behavior, and they real personality, based on Jung's knowledge. To find out why I feel, do, and behave the way I do. But I never managed to develop a system that allows me to determine the true identity of people and their motives, so that they themselves do not lie and distort the results. I was obsessed with getting true nature of people.
- I have absolutely no desire to organize everything around me, streamline, go to the gym, control calories, and all that is the usual behavior for Te. My way of thinking is more like Ti.
- I really like to communicate and amuse people who close to me. Usually with such people I have common interests, and therefore I can not comply with annoying social conventions. With them, I can easily talk about common interests, criticize things, joke and laugh out loud. I love puns, and coming up with sudden plot twists. But when communicating with unfamiliar people, I often want to close the distance as quickly as possible, in order to communicate with them on an equal footing. But because of this, I often violate certain personal boundaries that I myself do not understand. Or, I think that I have my right to disagree with a person, but they gets upset, and I feel confused. Because of this I considered myself ENTP, but not XXFX.
- I am very analytical. When I was young, I was too trusting. I wanted to make friends, communicate, help everyone around. But I was constantly used and betrayed, so I had to learn, that all people have a double bottom, and if you do something, that they don’t like, they will go crazy and attack you. I would never have thought that I was ESFP. My research began with INTJ, I reached the ENFJ, and I was told that I was very likely an extrovert and sensor. It was so contrary to how I see myself. I think a lot. I constantly analyze past day, people behavior, or the stories that I learned. In my head I talk to myself and form an opinion, lay out the picture from beginning to end. And then I want to share it with someone. When I feel really bad, I go to my imaginary world, where I The Overlord my demonic kingdom, everyone obeys me and everything is under control. There I can comprehend my inner problems. Since my feelings and emotions are often incomprehensible to me, and seem illogical. And I want to get rid of everything illogical.
- When communicating with people, I automatically remember information about their behavior and preferences. And for me much more convenient to communicate with them through a filter, like chats. No matter how strange it may seem, it’s easier for me to recognize the motives for which the message was written. And when I feel danger, I also automatically use this information to inject thoughts into person, that will help them come to the conclusion I need. It's very strange and I don't like it. Because I'm great at predicting people's behavior, or plots of movies, books and TV shows, I become a living TV trope, and people get mad at me, because story has just begun, and I already know everything, and constantly dissatisfied that nothing new was invented. And I was sure that this is a feature of NT.

That's why I think that I can be ESFP.
- All my life I feel around me a zone, into which all sounds fall. All sounds in this area are felt by me as, if they were in my head. By sound I can determine who is walking in the house. According to the characteristics of item, and the area of loss, I can find it. That is why my relatives call me Sherlock Holmes. Hah. If I`m in room, I have a plan in my head of how this room looks and what things are there, and I can intuitively tell where everything was at the moment when I was in the room. Therefore, without even remembering where the things were, I can say whether they were moved or not. Therefore, it worries me, when there are outsiders, aggression, or upset people in my zone. This really scares me, and I'm trying my best to fix the situation. Try to take blame on myself, or somehow resolve the conflict, inspiring two sides with a desire to reconcile. It didn't even occur to me that it could be Se. I thought it was Intuition or Fe. - I am very much annoyed by an ugly and disorderly environment. But I can't support it myself. Therefore, I admire people who are able to create order and at the same time comfort.
I can feeling of human warmth in the room, and by slight smell, determine who and approximately was in the room. I have an excellent sense of taste and smell, I am very good at picking seasonings for a dish, and I can taste and smell spoiled food, even if they look normal. I never thought about what it is Se. I thought it was just my feature, and not related to functions.
- I literally from birth knew what to do right and what not. Everything that pleases people is right, everything that upsets them is wrong. I was constantly praised for being obedient and doing as I was told. But my disgusting guardians have begun to use it. And they acted like crazy. For a very long time I could not understand, why I do as they say, but they are unhappy with me. I had constant cognitive dissonance from doing everything right, but the response from others was only negative. I constantly changed my behavior to please them, tried to understand, why they were unhappy. I was too receptive to opinions of others, and really believed, that I needed to change my behavior in order to be comfortable with me. And I believed everyone who said something bad about me, and did not believe if they said something good. And if it was very hard for me, I ran away from situation, tried to recover myself, and start all over again. I have a similar trait that I don't understand. If I'm upset, I want to run away from people, so that no one sees that I have negative emotions. I need to go to a quiet place, recover myself, and come back again with confidence and a smile. But if I'm upset for very long time, all this time I don't want to meet people.
Cognitive dissonance means to me, that the laws of the world that I know, are wrong. But actions of my guardians, caused cognitive dissonance all the time, what terribly hurt me. Whole world, and my understanding of it was destroyed. I was sure, that the world is logical and factual, that everything is interconnected. That people behave stupidly out of ignorance, not desire. And everyone can be explained and taught to behave correctly. But I could not explain in any way, why those, who are obliged to protect and patronize me, behave like my torturers. This cognitive dissonance from illogicality destroyed my entire reality. And then I realized, that it was pointless, and began to rebel. But even then, I couldn't understand why they were such idiots, and didn't realize that their actions were leading me to this behavior. Over time, I decided that problem was in me, since I was upset about all this, and I began to think, that there is nothing better than cold logic. After all, cold logicians always know what to say to idiots to shut them up. And will not react to the environment. Of course, I was wrong, but it became easier for me to resist my guardians. At least they didn't bring me to tears anymore. Not so often. But I began to have frequent nervous breakdowns with destruction of everything around. It didn't even occur to me that it was Te and Si. I was sure it was Fe and Ne. After all, these are Fe and Ne are receptive to opinions of others, and Si know themselves well. But I didn't have that at all. - I admire honest people with sincere raw emotions, behind which there is no intention or falsehood, except to express their emotions. Such people to me are like a unicorn.
- Although I`m very observant and receptive, I am not very smart and considerate. I think, I'm falling into stereotype that ESFP are stupid. I can see the patterns very well, but I need to see about 5 cycles of these patterns, in order for me to understand how it works, and that it is no accident. Often I can't concentrate or find it difficult to read material, that needs only to be imagined. I often can't... feel what I'm reading. I need to have a vivid picture of the impression in my head. But dry numbers and terms do not cause anything. Biology is my favorite science. It's about the real world, which you can easily check.
Me really annoys that all the knowledge, that I get, goes straight to my head. Any information that I consider plausible, is assimilated almost forever, and as a fact. I often behave in such a way, that I find out some information about the world, or about something else, spread it, and information turns out to be a joke or a rumor. And I really wanted to tell everyone around about what a new amazing feature of world I learned. As I understand it, this is just a feature of Te.
- I really, really, REALLY don't like to think about probabilities. But I know, that adults and adequate people should be logical and see several steps ahead. I'm trying my best, but I'm not succeeding at all. Usually I like to see one closest outcome. At times I even predict the future within 5 seconds. But that's all I can. Trying to predict the course of events, even if I succeed, puts me in a state of stupor. For me its very difficult and stressful. I need to be in action flow, to see exactly where I can turn events. If I`m in the flow, then my predictions of future, and my sense of what needs to be done, are very accurate. Without it I feel myself blind and stupid. But if I urgently, from a point, no matter how much data I have, need to predict something, I will see only a bunch of obscure probabilities. And if I think for some event, I am often afraid that everything will be very bad, and I am completely defenseless and don`t know what to do and how to be. That's why I hate RPG games with unpredictable plot. I have to constantly think about what pitfall will devour my ideal story. I just want to enjoy the story, and process of play, and not worry about that story will not turn out the way that I want. As to me explained, this is how 4Ni works.

What do you think? My behavior within the framework of ESFP behavior?
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