l o o k u p

2021.11.27 08:40 msloansw l o o k u p

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2021.11.27 08:40 protonpizzawater Anyone else feel like fh5 feels more like a dlc than a new game?

Title pretty much explains it. Considering the lack of new content (cars, modification, wheels, graphics, ui, etc) along with the bugs, glitches, bans & online issues, this really feels like an unpolished/unfinished dlc for FH4 as opposed to a brand new $60 AAA title game... been OVER 3 WEEKS and people are STILL disappearing in convoys and horizon lobbies, still can't complete the horizon festival playlist, and the dev team seems to want to prioritize things like money glitches and releasing a week late "hotfix" that really did absolutely nothing except nerf AFK farming... I really want to love this game but the development team really just dropped the ball here, to the point where the game even feels a bit soulless. maybe when the game is finally actually playable online it'll be decent fun, but until then, to be completely honest, it feels like a $60 unfinished cashgrab.
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2021.11.27 08:40 EssayCapital It is the best feeling when they come home..

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2021.11.27 08:40 Belatin The CatenaX will Work on Different Blockchain!

The CatenaX will work on different blockchains if that goal will be realized CatenaX will become one of the best DEX in the industry, that equipped with decentralized finance innovation. take some of your time to explore CatenaX ~ https://catenax.org/
#CEX #catenaxcrypto #binance #ethereum #cryptocurrency #altcoin #defi #cryptocurrencynews #cryptotwitter
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2021.11.27 08:40 mateus-evangelista Vamos, mingau

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2021.11.27 08:40 blackwipe Need help identifying these coins & if they have any value.

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2021.11.27 08:40 Turbulent-Lie-992 Weapon Idea [FIM-92 STINGER]


Weapon type - Secondary/Other (MANPADS)
American fire and forget ground to air missile (MANPADS)
Made to replace FIM-43 REDEYE
Belive it or not, it can even lock on to ground units if they have enough heat.
Can even lock on to humans!

Unlock rank-0 (free for all weapon)
Magazine size- 1/1
Reserve ammo- 1

First of all:
you can't shoot the missile before you lock the enemy

Direct hit damage- 40~50
explosion damage- 60~60
Explosion radius- 5 studs
airburst radius- 3 studs (if the enemy is near 3 studs the missile will automatically explode)
Damage range- 300~400studs
Head mult- 2*
Torso mult-1*

Muzzle velocity-
Before Acceleration- 500 studs
After Acceleration- 4000 studs
Acceleration takes 0.3 seconds after the launch
After accelration, missile can follow his target
Self Destruction range- 1000studs

FOV- 100 (The enemy has to be inside the FOV in order to lock in)
Need to wait 1 seconds to lock
For fast moving targets or high located targets stinger only takes 0.1 seconds to lock
(for counter che!ter)
Fast move- above 30 walkspeed
Higher located- above 150 studs from you (not further, above)
Missiles can be fooled by other objects closer.

Weapon walkspeed- 10
Aiming walkspeed- 5
TACT/EMPTY Reload time- 5 seconds
Recoil- 0.01,0.01,0.01 (only some shakes involved)
Air to Air missile actually can lock on to ground targets if they have enough heat.
So technically it isn't that wrong about it. (though this is bit exaggerated, pf is a casual game so we can just let this go since it is not 100% wrong with irl mechanism)
How to counter the missile:
RWR ( Radar Warning Receiver):
Before going off, PF already has RWR (radar warning receiver) in the main game.



if you are locked by the radar, HUD warns you that you have been locked by the missile
(if you just hide, the warning will just go off)

If the missile has been launched, you will also receive diffrent warning

you can also see the missile with your bald eyes
(HUD will display the missile like the spot system)
Like you see, it won't be actually useful "gun" for normal gameplay
for normal players if you just hide in obstacle or just take cover for little moment the missile will just crash off
more focused on killing ha!ckers or treatning hac!kers
which will not give ha!ckers extra time to kill players and ruin people's kdr
before then, it was almost impossible to face fast movement and automatic wallbang hac!kers
unless you were rank 500
all you can do was just bring lmgs with anti air sight and spray and pray
by using stinger FIM-92 even rank 20 noob can treat hac!kers!

(even for real life, MANPADS is not only useful to kill the aircraft. You can also annoy the aircraft and force them to fight passively)
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2021.11.27 08:40 AlizarinPierce Death Dancer, painted using oil paints. First time using a metallic oil paint for the gold! Miniature is from Bestiarum Miniatures.

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2021.11.27 08:40 ChauGotHisBackup Introducing: Custom Awards.

yeah theres a couple custom awards for our sub now. 🤷‍♂️. reddit wont let me price them lower than 500 coins. oh and they looked better without background but reddit added backgrounds and now they are slightly uglier. whatever.
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2021.11.27 08:40 TheRealestNorseman Trouble migrating to V2 - Using Coinbase Wallet

Hey, Im trying to migrate from V1 to V2, but I have a Coinbase Wallet. I selected "connect wallet" and couldnt find Coinbase Wallet, so I chose "WalletConnect" assuming I would find it there, and pressed "connect to Ethereum network" because that is what I bought the tokens with (or should I press "Binance Smart Chain"?). I am really confused and as I recall the guide did not mention which one to choose either!
Anyways, after selecting connect to Ethereum entwork, to my surprise there were loads of shady wallets you can decide from, but not Coinbase Wallet. Is this something Everrise intends to fix before Nov 29th or will I have to migrate from Coinbase Wallet to TrustWallet? Surely this can be easily fixed by Everrise because I do not want to transfer all my tokens to TrustWallet...
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2021.11.27 08:40 kennyheard My girlfriend’s delightful lil’ creation!

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2021.11.27 08:40 TotallyNotYuka Im litteraly gonna freak out (2nd one is the new survey) pretty annoying imo

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2021.11.27 08:40 BlindBlade_Shadowcut For those who have units I don't you must pay the ultimate price

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2021.11.27 08:40 Foldingtrees I have just launched my very own automated BTC trading bot

Hi all,
One weekend, over a month ago, I had this weird idea of building a automated BTC trading bot. That weekend, I downloaded python coding platform and started my journy. To put things into perspective, I had 0 coding experience prior to this thought.
I love to set challenges for myself, and this was by far one of the bigger ones I had set. I spent the last month working on the bot - maybe 3 hours a day and slightly more on the weekends - and I have finally launched it! The bot went live this morning, I am running it off my desktop pc but plan to move it to my laptop later today for efficiency reasons.
After I launched it, I sat staring at the program for about 20mins xD in hope that it would make a trade. It has not traded yet but I am eagerly waiting to see if it works.
My thesis on creating this bot was to try build a sound trading stratergy that would net me small extra % of sats and just hold it forever. I am not looking for major gains right now, small sats now might be huge gains later on you know!
Let me know if you are intersted in my progress? If so, I will provide a update later on once it has completed two or three trades. Hopefully they net me some sats instead of losing them xD.
Wish me luck!
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2021.11.27 08:40 FoolMisty Save help. didn't play for a month since I was busy with uni and now this is coming up. iirc I was on the day after I meet Nagi

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2021.11.27 08:40 chamoflag69 Ashwin and Umpire leaked S** footage 🥵🥵

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2021.11.27 08:40 tankstelle7 M19 will spaß add mich auf Snap juls_kfc und schick mir was

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2021.11.27 08:40 asmama93 Working at a boys school and the misogyny is overwhelming at times. Need advice

Hi all, Not sure if this is an appropriate post, if not sorry in advance and I'll delete it.
I'm a teacher at a boys school in the UK. I'm a fairly young computing teacher with a curvy body shape. Since I've joined the school I've had boys making numerous inappropriate comments about me, spreading rumours that they have seen me involved in sexual acts, treated me with a lack of respect unless a male teacher walks into the room and even one student who kept trying to brush against me. During one incident where a student made derogatory comments the headteacher came to assure me she was dealing with it and in the same sentence told me to lift my top up even though there was no cleavage present. It's calmed down a lot and I've managed to earn the respect of a number of students. But I had a couple of life sessions we have to do with students and it was on consent. Half the class had really concerning opinions like "if a woman has dressed a certain way she's asking for it", "if she's going out to a club she wants sex and it shouldn't matter who she had sex with", implying if she was raped in the process by anyone it's OK. I've reported it all but heres where I need advice
I'm recently a year 7 form tutor for the school which is the youngest year and they've been disruptive recently. Looking at their timetable it does seem they act up most with their female teachers so I worry that they'll be sucked into the same mentality as so many of the older kids. I want to run sessions with them at form time so they can all be aware of female issues and advocate for females having the same right and treatment but I'm not sure where to start so any help is welcome whether that's video recommendations, topics, studies etc
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2021.11.27 08:40 Tahamaraf Surfmoontoken

https://surfmoontoken.com/This is one of the most ongoing projects in the market at present.Customers are participating in this project with much more interest.Hopefully those of us who are working on this project will benefit a lot from here.
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2021.11.27 08:40 heinaga1989 I'm paying 1 MATIC for good .crypto domain name suggestions.

I'm on a buying spree snagging up blockchain domain names from Unstoppable Domains. I can't think of everything, so I thought I'd try to outsource some suggestions. Anyone out there wanna give me some ideas?

I'll tip anyone 1 Matic each time they can come up with a domain name I can mint. No limit on the number of suggestions. Feel free to comment here for visibility, but PM me the suggestions, so the general public can't snag them.
(Also, new users can check out my profile page for a referral link if you would like to sign up with Unstoppable Domains and receive a free $10 in store credit from them.)
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2021.11.27 08:40 plantspirit It’s a good day to have a good day 💛

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2021.11.27 08:40 Jegpoet [RAP]JEGTHEPOET- HOLD UP (prod. 47 Quid)

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2021.11.27 08:40 dawidovich Can’t fit SSD into motherboard

I just bought an SSD that don’t quite align with my motherboards screw holes even though theyre supposed to.
WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD 1TB M.2
It should be comptatible as my motherboard is combatible with M2 2280
This is how it looks: https://ibb.co/S5yLtFQ
Have I missed something or should I return it?
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2021.11.27 08:40 Inevitable-Today184 Jane Austen related events in Spring 2022

Hello fellow Janeites! May I crowdsource please, I will be in Ireland for a one week fieldwork in March 2022 and I am thinking of going to England afterwards (but will depend on pandemic restrictions). Would you know of any Jane Austen-related events, festivals or readings in person in the month of March? If there are events in Ireland too, I would be glad to know. Thank you!
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2021.11.27 08:40 NightwishTarja Modern HR departments

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