He started this.........YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HE SACRIFICED?

2021.11.27 09:26 wholelottahate19 He started this.........YOU KNOW HOW MUCH HE SACRIFICED?

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2021.11.27 09:26 Draexan Probably hidden nerf or something?!

was playing those in my opinion awful Synaptic Web Mutants for first time, got early spatula and thought about playing lux with 20.. good plan good execution got all the items i wanted and then i saw this shit.. instead of the promised 20 mana instead of 60 mana my lux had a whole 50mana.... 10 mana less instead of 40... well sometimes i had 20mana when i moved lux on bench and back on field.. but everytime my team switched arenas it was back to 50mana.
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2021.11.27 09:26 thiccestdepression I am SUCH a good ally (wholesome!!!!!!!)

So I work with this faggy little guy.
I’ve never seen him in anything except cargo shorts and an oversized shirt, but I rock up to work yesterday and he’s wearing these high waisted jeans. Dude has HIPS and definitely has boobs, even if they’re small. So instantly, my ally senses started tingling, and I knew I needed to get in some sorely needed ‘yaaass queens’ before my shift ended. I’m a Good Ally, so I know what he needed was some well earned validation, so that he knows I think he’s just like a normal woman.
So we were chatting in the break room when I suddenly stop to ask his pronouns. He looked super surprised and nervous before muttering “Uh…. she/her, I guess? I dunno.” The poor guy was so scared to tell me!
I immediately follow up by telling him (I mean HER) that I’d almost slipped up a couple times during our conversation and called him a he! I mean her a he! Whoops!
(Listen, I’m a really Good Ally, but he makes it super hard to gender him correctly. Like, he has a mullet, and he never wears makeup, and he has total man hands. He also talks and walks like a dude, which is like, ugh, are you even TRYING to be a woman? So much leg hair too. Even though he’s pretty short, he’s manly as hell. Maybe if he stuffed his bra?)
He (I mean SHE) just kind of looked confused. He (I mean SHE) just laughed a bit and said “Wait, what?” Probably just not expecting someone to be so kind to a transgender, SOOOO SAD, good thing I’m such a Good Ally.
Anyway, I told him to tell me if anyone gave him shit for using the woman’s bathroom, and I’d be in his corner. He looked even MORE confused, which was SO SAD, you guys!! He’s probably never had a Good Cis Ally stand up for him before. I’m glad I was there for him, I don’t know what he’d do without me.
I’m gonna spend the next few weeks validating him at every possible opportunity. I already started by saying ‘what’s up, queen?’ and ‘heyyyyy girl’ whenever I see him so I can build up his confidence. He seems super uncomfortable so far, but I’m gonna persist. Last time I talked to him he seemed like he was trying to tell me something but it was probably just how grateful he is that I go out of my way to validate his womanhood. :)
uj/ I have dug this grave, and now I am lying in it
rj/ guys I passed
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2021.11.27 09:26 maylam018 Mysterious Terracotta Army of ancient China. Its dating from approximately the late third century BCE, were discovered in 1974. It is a form of funerary art buried with the emperor in 210 BCE with the purpose of protecting the emperor in his afterlife.

Mysterious Terracotta Army of ancient China. Its dating from approximately the late third century BCE, were discovered in 1974. It is a form of funerary art buried with the emperor in 210 BCE with the purpose of protecting the emperor in his afterlife. submitted by maylam018 to blowit [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 09:26 sand_snake Veronica Kittenbottom, the matriarch of my 100 baby challenge, makes the best faces.

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2021.11.27 09:26 EnglishWolverine This is a bit of a mouthful to say isn’t it? From the USSR focus ‘An Adaptable Army’. Those extra Ms tried to make my brain melt reading it.

This is a bit of a mouthful to say isn’t it? From the USSR focus ‘An Adaptable Army’. Those extra Ms tried to make my brain melt reading it. submitted by EnglishWolverine to hoi4 [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 09:26 Relevant_Dark_8639 Should i be worried?

I got the surgery 3 days ago. When i stood up today to go to the bathroom a lot of blood was dripping down my legs as if i was on my period (but i’m not) ☹️
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2021.11.27 09:26 Johnginji009 How to cook matta rice in pressure cooker?

Ratio of water to rice,time etc.
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2021.11.27 09:26 ezraterner Aikhan | instagram: aikhan__a | 4 photo | hot 🔥

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2021.11.27 09:26 Dexiteer Hello! :)

But anyways!
When I look in outer space for you and the sky turns purple and the moon is blue, then I know that I've been with you before. In some other time. Some other place. Some other time. Some other place...
Whilst I would be quite impressed if I had the ability to find penpals in outer space, and I'm quite convinced some people here do come from far away galaxies, It looks like I'm just casting my tattered net through the realms of a few Reddit subs.... so here goes!
Dreadful beginnings:
A few decades ago (gah, at least three of them now!) I believe I came swimming down the birth canal in your typically standard fashion. Though I am still convinced I was adbucted as a baby, I came along as the 3rd youngest of four into the most backwards of families... The effects of this family are still evident to this day!
I was fortunate enough to be brought up in the North West of England (boo to the South!), and it is also important to note I was born in the proper North, not those fake places like Manchester. I will keep my actual county secret for now, aye, but even those from the pesky South usually believe I am Geordie or Scottish - I am not. I was also once asked If I was Welsh, that was a traumatic experience and really led me to question my own identity :)
\I'm now off to make a cuppa 'cause I can't be bothered**
There's not really anything of real note during my formative years, ( just some crappy stuff we need not mention, and I just about managed to get through the school system with my glorious poshy school blazer. Not a posh school though, just your typical run-down comprehensive secondary!
Didn't really achieve much academically, far too busy whacking fellow pupils with those 1 metre metal sticks in technology. Left with a small cluster of barely-passed GCSES and the began the following career path:

Aside from holding the above satisfying jobs, I pretty much wasted away my days in the local boozer and have probably lost about 20 years of my life span because of it. I didn't really achieve much, I must confess, but then I did always have this yearning to try something different. Around five years or so the opportunity to do so came along...
Misguided Hope:
Well, would you believe it? The boy had fallen in love with someone he met - aww!
Little Cumbrian who's fallen in love... Without me!
But this person wasn't some dishevelled northerner like me, she was from another place and this meant I had an opportunity to try and completely seek out pastures new...
I buggered off to Sweden, (So fill to me the parting glass!) and I am still here to this day. Just doing my thing, looking at some meanings and trying to work out what I want to do. Unfortunately the past few years really have been of the rocky road variety, and it didn't work out the way I would have hoped - I am leaving Sweden in a few weeks time.
But I have gained valuable experience from my time here, learned a lot about myself, so I have to be thankful to her and this country for that. I still can't get my head around herring though, that stuff is just disgusting, and I really do miss the joys of talking to some old bat at the bus stop back home!
I did spend a lot of time with this... thing, though!
But aye, the above is really just a small snippet of what I've been on with so far in my little journey. But what do I actually like...
Interests? Who has time for that?!
I'm actually quite bad at going over some of the things that interest me... I just kid of exist and do my own thing, though I would imagine a lot of us feel that way! I am notorious for gaining a new interest, being obsessed with it, dumping it after 5 minutes and trying something new.
But to rhyme off some stuff:

There you have it, some of my interests. There are more, of course, but this post is getting way too long as it is! I should really move towards the meh stuff...
Personality... Do I have one?
I am, like so many out there, not without my faults but I really do believe in a open approach to this. I have spent this year being a lot more open with others, and whilst it still can be tricky, I know I am slowly moving in the right direction :)
In many ways, the reason I put myself out there like this is because I feel a little lonely and detached from the world at times. I'm not going to lie and say I am all alone and misunderstood in this world, that's wrong, but I do feel I am lacking something. Maybe I am trying to find some people to fill that void, yet I don't want to throw those expectations on people.
Past experiences have not been the best, no, and I do have a lot of past trauma I am actively working on sorting out. It does not mean I am going to throw this on you, but I do sometimes have little hiccups from time to time. I have come a long way and want to do even better for me and the people I care about. I have chromosome disorders that make me look a little weird (I am defo weird, that's for sure!) so people who care compassionate and don't really care about that stuff are a must for me!
All in all, I just have some issues but it won't intefere with any potential friendship :)
But what you?
About you, your good self:
Honestly? I am pretty open about who you are and where you're from. I'm not really in this to throw unrealistic expectations on people, though it must be said... I do appreciate someone who wants to hold a conversation. I always like to match a person's effort, I'll give back what I receive and you'll also be party to my wisdom and guidance... good luck!!
I do appreciate people who take on an honest an open approach, and I am always open to the various methods of yapping we have in this modern age. My PM and DM boxes are now open, though I will say this now... any messages of a sentence or two will be ignored! Why don't you tell me about your favourite brand of tea? I'm not here to carry the conversation, just be yourself and allow a conversation to flow :) You don't need to be on-demand 24 hours a day either, that's just unrealistic!
Identity politics seems to be the way to go these days, although I can say I don't follow any of it and I just do my own thing. I'm not really bothered what you want to identify as, it's not something I pay much attention to... I just see the person for who they are with me :)
It doesn't matter if we don't click or whatever, we can just gently ghost each other and move with our lives. I would like to make some proper friends out of this, of course, and I will make you as much a part of my life as you want :) I have met some wonderful penpals and friends through these subs, even met some of them, and I want that to continue!
Just be yourself, kind and don't fob me off after months of getting to know each other without a word... That kinda move hurts, ya know!
I am now absolutely bloody knackered from writing all that, and I still have a little hangover from Thursday... I think I'm off to take a nap! It would be really nice to hear from some people when I get back :)
I know this a huge amount of writing, I promise I am not going to always bombard you with this writing. I just like to put a bit out there, give you something to go on!
I leave you with this banger!
Take it easy,
PS. I have a linked and pinned a comic I made to my profile... If you want all this in an easier format to read! :)
Notes: I suppose this matters... I am 32, half-dead, apparently a male and I currently live in Sweden.
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2021.11.27 09:26 TimDrakeTheRed We did it Patrick

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2021.11.27 09:26 agcastro Cidade de S.Paulo: Onde foram parar os Boletins Vacinômetro? A pagina do site mudou ou a prefeitura parou de publicar depois que a vacinação atingiu 100% dos adultos?

Ainda tem as doses de reforço D3 e a dos adolescentes pra serem completadas - e informadas pra população.
O link que funcionava era este. Alguém tem o link novo?
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2021.11.27 09:26 swan001 Hideaway stairs

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2021.11.27 09:26 JeanSteve1 Possible exploit: Rome in civil war for 65 years without military access to pink breakaway territories. Rome unable to declare other wars.

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2021.11.27 09:26 Emotional-Chipmunk12 Anyone else find it annoying how Molly always gets her way?

I'm not saying she has to suffer all the time, but there should be some episodes where her way of thinking is incorrect. She's a blindly optimistic tween who needs to learn things like not everyone wants to be friends with other people.
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2021.11.27 09:26 Meggydawoomy TEAM OF EVIL CROSSED THE LINE

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2021.11.27 09:26 bensambutters21 Get $75 from mypaynow

I found an abusable promotionwe can use once
It's like a loan, withdraw money and pay it back on payday with 5% interest
They've got a referral codes and if you use someone's code. You both get $75 dollars.
1.sign up with someone's code withdraw $100 2.get $75 for the promotion 3. Immediately pay off the $105 4. 70 bucks profit to go buy a carton of beer or whatever for the weekend
Then never use it again
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2021.11.27 09:26 morenewsat11 Five ways Senate could change Biden's spending plan

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2021.11.27 09:26 FuredoD Self confidence

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2021.11.27 09:26 mr_mazy Crypto.com referral get $25 + $5

Use my referral link https://crypto.com/app/zkka59w947 to sign up for Crypto.com and we both get $25 USD :)
Signup with my code & I will send you $5 in crypto of your choice when I receive the bonus! Get $30 instead of $25!
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2021.11.27 09:26 Active-Ad-233 Boot theory of socio- economic unfairness

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2021.11.27 09:26 mus202021 Help me (and my roommate I guess)

I've really been thinking about how I can phrase this delicately but i've kinda given up so here goes: My roommate is hella chill and lets me sexile him when the occasion arises, but lately the occasion has been arising a lot, and while he is still generally chill with it I want to find ways to alleviate the number of times I kick him out of the room, especially with finals coming up. Basically I need to find a girl with her own place or good arrangements with her roommates so I can get out of my roommate's hair a bit!

About me: I'm 6'1 caucasian, music major and a signed model! Honestly just think of the surfer vibe (I do surf haha) and you got me.

Interests: meet me and we can talk about them :)
Looking for: Girl with her own place lol
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2021.11.27 09:26 TheFoolsHonor new terminal Qs

Is it possible to add a welcome message to the new win 10 terminal and for the terminal to open a audio file while you launch it?
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2021.11.27 09:26 oppp1211 Tdim

what kills do you expect I know there the gas chamber and getting stabbed to death
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2021.11.27 09:26 Gary_From_Asphodel Lack of ads in contracts

Newer player here, about 3 weeks. I have noticed that I get a ton of ads in my home farm and significantly less is contracts and even have 1 contract going that I have received 0 adds for. Is this normal?
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