After years of trying too beat it I finally did it I beat mario 64 (forgot to take a photo so using this)

2021.10.18 00:27 Signal-Height-5576 After years of trying too beat it I finally did it I beat mario 64 (forgot to take a photo so using this)

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2021.10.18 00:27 randomecologist Giratina Adding 10

8965 1681 4283 or 3701 0183 4936
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2021.10.18 00:27 Jagtom83 Matt Golding: Announceables

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2021.10.18 00:27 Omega_simpp56 trading this absolute unit of a pokemon

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2021.10.18 00:27 roughravenrider Yang discusses the Founding Fathers and how fragile the American system has become

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2021.10.18 00:27 Pegasus8_ Andros middle finger photo recreated in NYCC

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2021.10.18 00:27 jomomemo I work at a spa and we use stools that look JUST like the ones from spa day… good job sims team

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2021.10.18 00:27 charlitwist Isn’t coming naturally!

I’m really trying to learn to knit because one daughter wants me to teach her and the other wants to share her love of crochet with me in a parallel (not the same!) hobby. But I just can not get it into my head.
Is there hope for me? How long does it take to learn? My main difficulty is remembering how to cast on. The actual row on row stuff I can do (if you overlook the odd dropped stitch…or added stitch - not sure how I manage that).
But the diagrams and videos are a mystery to me. I have to relearn every single time. Like even if it’s a few times in one evening.
I’m generally good with my hands and visual instructions so I feel really frustrated and would quit if it wasn’t for my daughters. I sometimes wonder if I’m just really confused as I did try to learn off both a Swiss grandmother and an English grandmother in my teens.
Not sure what to try. Help!
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2021.10.18 00:27 RedC0met3 Local Battletech Group?

I'm looking to find a group in or around the Central Florida area, so far I've been meeting with a few members of my 40k group that either used to play or just got into the game.
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2021.10.18 00:27 ujaguluce Ő ma másnak szurkolt

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2021.10.18 00:27 RecommendationNo3271 hmu 5$

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2021.10.18 00:27 No_Education_6833 Human physiology (help me)

Need help with human physiology exam on neurophysiology and endocrine tomorrow @10am central time. 40 questions 50 minutes all MC
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2021.10.18 00:27 summerinmontauk meirl

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2021.10.18 00:27 Thamil13 Qubes: Antivirus?

Is an antivirus program recommended for Qubes? I am using it with Whonix. Would I run it in my VMs? What if my PC itself is infected? (I would like to find that out somehow)
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2021.10.18 00:27 Joe-_______-mama Reddit bot

Based? Based on what? On your dick? Please shut the fuck up and use words properly you fuckin troglodyte, do you think God gave us a freedom of speech just to spew random words that have no meaning that doesn't even correllate to the topic of the conversation? Like please you always complain about why no one talks to you or no one expresses their opinions on you because you're always spewing random shit like poggers based cringe and when you try to explain what it is and you just say that it's funny like what? What the fuck is funny about that do you think you'll just become a stand-up comedian that will get a standing ovation just because you said "cum" in the stage? HELL NO YOU FUCKIN IDIOT, so please shut the fuck up and use words properly.
I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.
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2021.10.18 00:27 KingvaasBloodedge Starting Deck

So I wanted to Start with yugioh again but I'm not Sure what to get should I but a few Structur Decks or something like The duel devastator?
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2021.10.18 00:27 frrrrrro Is December a good time to visit Bhutan?

How expensive can it get as an Indian Indian student? If I want to travel to Bhutan?
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2021.10.18 00:27 Consuau Making good progress on my alt account, next goal will be get porcelain port o hive and porcelain dipper.

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2021.10.18 00:27 ButterscotchAsleep48 Ex Girlfriend Led Me On While Cheating on Her Current Boyfriend With Me

This is a little bit of a long read, but I’d appreciate it if you real all the way through.
I need some advice to handle this situation that I’m in. My ex girlfriend of over two years and I broke up about 5 and a half months ago. She broke up with me because she felt that I didn’t value her, and she felt that I was going to leave her for some other girl. Things such as a girl from elementary school requesting to follow me on Instagram would lead her to ignoring me for days, and she even said she could not imagine me having any female friends because it would upset her so much, leading me to quit communicating with all female friends, including mutual ones out of fear she would be upset with me. Even though I was not talking to any other girls, she would still get upset randomly and push me away citing fears of me leaving her for someone “better”.
The truth is, I love her very much, and the thought of breaking up with her never crossed my mind. Although it was frustrating, I never got upset with her in those times and did my best to reassure her that she was all I wanted. She’s struggled throughout her life with feeling like enough, and her family, and even some of her friends only did things that made her feel worthless. Because of this I wanted to be as supportive as I could, but eventually she broke up with me, and immediately went to another guy (that lives in the Netherlands, we live in the United States). By immediately I mean the day she broke up with me.
I was heartbroken and confused. She told me she wished our relationship would have worked out, yet she went to him and refused to talk to me about getting back together. Just two weeks after she broke up with me, she texted me telling me that she missed talking to me and spending time with me. I told her that I would love to come see her, but she ended up ignoring me after that. For months she would send me screenshots of their conversations, sometimes daily, acting as if she was very happy. She would purposely include them talking about sexual things or calling each other “cute” or nicknames that my ex and I called each other. This hurt me badly, but I did my best to ignore it. Eventually I admitted to her that it hurt. She told me she was glad that I was feeling what I put her through. Afterwards she blocked me for 3 weeks. In the meantime I found out she was logging into my Instagram account daily. After those 3 weeks she began talking to me as if we were best friends. She would show me her clothes, tell me about books she was reading, and foods she was gonna try making.
One night she said she wanted to talk. She told me she didn’t miss me, but missed things we did together, like cuddling, and more. She asked if we could be in a friends with benefits relationship. Stupidly, I agreed because I wanted her back so badly. I felt that if she was willing to lie to and deceive this new guy in the Netherlands, she didn’t truly love him, and I could convince her to come back. About two weeks into this relationship she told me she was confused. She said she felt like she may still love me, and felt a very strong connection when we spend time together. I admitted to her the only reason I agreed to get into the FWB relationship was because I wanted her back. We continued seeing each other, and would be together multiple times a week. I told her to leave the guy, and she would go back and forth on saying she would try, then saying she couldn’t.
She later revealed problems the two of them were having. This guy was hiding her from his friends and family, got angry when she was jealous, would not even call her his girlfriend, and lied to her about talking to other girls. It seemed at that point like she was trying to prove her worth to him and couldn’t let go. I tried to show her how toxic their entire relationship was. In that time she said she felt like I was her soulmate, she was just afraid of coming back to me and being hurt because deep down she had lots of feelings for me. Eventually she did break up with him. Instead of working with me to rebuild our relationship like she had led me to believe she would, she got into a relationship with another guy she had only been talking to for 4 weeks. She hinted that she didn’t even like him, just liked that he treated her like she was special. They lasted two weeks, and in those two weeks she would send me screenshots of her conversations with him, pictures of herself in his hoodie, and tell me about holding his hand, then had me come over and cheated on him with me.
One night she told me she didn’t like him at all, that he made her feel sick, and that she didn’t value herself when she got involved with him. She broke up with him the next day. Several days later she told me she wanted to work on our relationship again. She said she’d quite going after other guys, and was open to starting again with me. Afterwards she talked to me much less. She told me she needed alone time and was napping, yet I saw her active on social media several days in a row while she was “napping”. She told me she was still talking to the guy in the Netherlands, but they were just “close friends”. We continued to see each other, but she would talk to me less and less outside of that. Eventually she said she was tired of me pushing for a relationship and she was in love with the guy in the Netherlands. Despite this I kept talking to her, we spent more days together physically, in that time I told her I loved her. She told me she thought “I think I love you too”.
I was getting more and more fed up with her back and forth, I wanted a relationship with her, I didn’t want to be sharing her with someone else. She showed me a screenshot of one of their conversations, and it was sexual. I lost it. I had been clear I was not okay with them being together, and I was clear that I didn’t want to see any interaction between them. She still sent that. I gave her two options. She could end everything with him and commit to me, or she could end everything with me and tell him what she had been doing for the past several months with me. She got incredibly mad and told me she was ending everything with me, but would not tell him because she was not gonna let ME hurt this guy. As if she was not hurting him.
I may sound stupid, but I still really want this girl. I understand the entire situation is toxic, and I know the likelihood of me ever getting her back is near 0%. I’m confused on what to do. Should I just let this go and try to move on? Or should I tell this guy what she has done?
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2021.10.18 00:27 reproachableknight [PJO] what would Percy and the demigods at camp halfblood think of Ensemble Studios' "Age of Mythology" (2002)?

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2021.10.18 00:27 MikeHunt_004 My dad surprised me and took me to my first ever football game today and I just want to say…

So I’m a 15 year old fan from NY and today my dad drove us to Baltimore to both see our first ever ravens game/football game ever and I want to say one of the best sports experiences ever. I’m happy to be a ravens fan.
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2021.10.18 00:27 dafunkyman [Chill] Pierre Bourne x Playboi Carti type beat - Global

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2021.10.18 00:27 monotheus Semen Retention and Absurdism Philosophy. My thoughts.

I do practice SR for more than two years now, but I'm doing this almost consistently this year, only ejaculating a few times in this year(I'm curretly 47 days now). Anyway, I've readen about Albert Camus philosophy, the absurdism, which says nothing in life has any sense, except the one you give to. I had my doubts about it, because one part on me didn't want to die, didn't want to accept life indeed has no sense. But After doing SR after all this time, I think I'm not only accepting that premise, but alredy taken in my mind set. I'm not afraid, or sad, or angry, I'm just so calm...I don't care about lusting, I don't care about chasing, I don't care about happiness, or for sadness. I've alredy accepted this in a really good way, not thinking this is a loss, but a way, a path for me to reach peace. Maybe life has no sense, maybe moral doesn't exist, but that's not bad because I do understand there are ways to live my life in a good way, even knowing there's no objective morality. I did experienced many of the benefits everybody says, about body, muscle, voice, calmness/stoicism, deep eyes, and an enthusiasm for my life. My only perception which differs with anothers, it's that being atheistic I do not care about god or something weard(for me) like divinity. I'm just convinced now more than never that I can't waste my time in anything else, except my well being. There's no god or morality, therefore I'm my own god and I create my own morality. I choose to be the most important entity in my world, and I choose to develop my own path to reach wisdom.
Well, these are my thoughts. Maybe this sounds weard for some people who aren't close to philosophy studying or nihilism or absurdism philosophy. But believing on this doesn't mean you're allow to make evil for example, it's just about the realization that even if there's not evil or good, you can choose to live a quiet life in order to find peace on this. That's my goal in some way.
Have you experienced or thought about the meaning of life in this way being on SR? Please, give your opinion if you'd to share.
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2021.10.18 00:27 techfreedays I Feel Like A Shell Of A Person

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2021.10.18 00:27 Kyle_Bruh69 Does anybody know how to open the hood on the AW scat-pack?

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