Supplement interactions

2021.10.18 00:48 AidanBassWang12 Supplement interactions

I’m wondering what supplements interact with Prozac. Specifically does long vida curcumin, rosavin, ashwaganda, ginkgo, royal jelly.
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2021.10.18 00:48 Giantsgiants Encountered this neat 2-door Volkswagen on a walk today. Owner told me it's a 1967 Volkswagen Squareback.

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2021.10.18 00:48 Zithero Don't go to the Magic Show at the Gypsy Carnival [Part 3]

Part 1
Part 2
What would you do if your future and past were laid bare? Would you let someone tell you your future? Would you truly wish to know?
I do not believe in Fate nor do I believe in the arcane or magic.
Well, I didn’t, anyway.
I had agreed to the old woman’s deal. If she was going to show me where Zithero had run off to, then I’d play her little Gypsy Fortune Teller routine.
After following the old crone around for what seemed like hours, we finally made it to the Gypsy Camp.
I walked past the multiple caravan trailers. I got quite the stink-eye from many of the Gypsies.
“What’s the problem?” I sneered at one, “You Gypsies are the ones who hurt me, you know!”
Several of them all spit at the ground at the same time.
The old crone spat at my foot. “Roma,” she snapped, “Not Gypsies."
“Isn’t that what you are?” I asked.
“Calling us Gypsies is a slur,” the old woman informed, “Roma is what we prefer.”
I held up my wooden hand, “My original hand is what I prefer.”
The old crone gave a nod and finally led me to her trailer.
I walked in, ducking through the entrance.
Hundreds of herbs and incense hung from the ceiling of the small trailer. There was a small kitchenette in the far corner and a curtained off area I assumed was her bedroom.
Off to the side sat an altar of some kind, with multiple symbols, along with bronze and pewter sculptures of deities I didn’t recognize. There she placed the card deck in the center, before moving to the kitchen.
“Tea?” she asked as she began to prepare a small electric kettle.
“Are you going to put any drugs in it?” I asked, “Help me hallucinate?”
“Just the caffeine,” the old woman chuckled, “Unless you want me to put something truly devious in there, like sugar.”
“I’m not American,” I said, looking around, “Not everything I eat needs sugar.”
The old crone gave a simple hum of approval as she pulled down tea cups from small cabinets.
“What’s it like, never staying in one place?” I asked her.
“What is it like always staying in the same place?” she responded, “Never changing the scenery, always waking with the sun and sleeping with the moon in the same places? What is it like to only see a new horizon some mornings instead of every few days?”
I didn’t have an answer.
“When the stars look down on you all the same, you look up at them that way,” the old woman brought me the tea, “When, my dear, was the last time you took the time to even look at the night sky?”
I took the tea, trying to think.
“Set in your ways, like you’re trapped in mud. You cannot see the beauty of the world past your own concepts,” the old woman smiled, “People ask us all the time: what is it like being on the move? Never staying in one place,” she motioned to the room around us. “This is the same for me. My home comes with me, my family comes with me and in that I have my sameness.”
“The whole family?” I asked.
“Well, unless someone goes and gets a family member locked up,” the old woman chided.
I narrowed my eyes on her, “It wasn’t my fault what happened!”
“I know,” she sighed, “But if you had a family member, now two, taken from your home and put on trial, would you not stand by their side, right or wrong?”
I scoffed, “Wrong is wrong. If my own brother committed a crime I’d ensure he faced the justice he deserved.”
The old woman smiled, sipping her tea and moving to her little altar, “A strong sense of justice in you. Let us see what fate can tell us of your heart and how you will travel it’s dense threads.”
“Are you going to read my palm?” I asked, sitting at a small table.
She scoffed at me, “Don’t be ridiculous,” she picked up a bag which sat on the altar, pulled out a small box and another deck of Tarot cards, carried them over to me and placed them before me, “Shuffle.”
“Excuse me?” I asked, looking at the heavy deck of cards.
“Shuffle the deck,” she asked again, “You must impart your energy upon the cards so that they may communicate your destiny properly,” she explained.
I began to shuffle the deck, giving her an odd look as I did so.
“You don’t play cards, I assume?” the old woman asked.
“I don’t gamble,” I responded.
“Not one to take chances? Or are you more concerned you’ll be outfoxed by the other players?” the crone snickered.
“I place my finances in more responsible places,” I rolled my eyes, “How long before I can get my answers?” I said, finishing the shuffle and placing the cards on the table.
“Cut the deck,” she said, smiling, “You don’t believe in fate, do you?”
“No,” I said flatly, “This whole time you’ve been asking me questions and just gleaning information from me to use in your little card game.”
She nodded, “I bet you wouldn’t believe in any sort of magic, would you?” she asked, reaching out to the deck before I was done cutting it, her hand touching mine, “Despite the fact you’re right-handed, for example, you cut with your left.”
“I wonder why,” I said, showing my green and vine covered right hand.
“I wonder why, indeed,” she said, picking up the deck and dealing the cards slowly.
She placed two in the center, one vertical and one horizontal, then placed a third above, a fourth below, a fifth card to the left of them and a sixth card to her right. Finally she placed four cards from bottom to top along the right side of the first six cards.
“The Celtic Cross,” the old woman said, “Personal favorite.”
“So, what do I do now?” I asked.
She tapped on the first card, “Flip.”
I turned the card over.
The card featured a man standing in a carriage before what looked like a pair of sphinxes, one was black with white stripes, the other white with black stripes. The man stood appearing affluent and stoic, looking ahead with a city behind.
The Chariot,” the old crone said, smiling, “A grand journey lies before you. But, it will not be an easy one, for what drives you,” she said, placing her hand over the card, “Is your inner turmoil, your vengeance and your strong desire to overcome adversity,” she looked up to me, smiling, “You’re a very strong willed woman, to have this card as your center.”
“Flattery will get you nowhere,” I snapped, moving to the next card.
“No comments?” the old woman chuckled.
“Saying I’m going to be on a journey is obvious if you know I’m going to be hunting down your grandson,” I flipped the next card.
The card revealed was a strange one. It featured a pair of wolves before a shore, a crab or perhaps a lobster crawling out of the water. In the middle was a long and winding road and a pair of towers set on either side. Above all of this, featured prominently, was a large disc with radiant features all around it. A face, in a side profile, with eyes closed, faced down below, seemingly lost in thought.
The Moon,” the old woman sighed, “My fault, I suppose. Your challenge is the deception of Zithero and his cousin Florin. They’ve set this in motion by tricking you into thinking you would receive your desires today,” she looked up, “Your vengeance… Oh, what is the German word for what you seek?” she smiled weakly at me, “Ah, Schadenfreude, yes?”
“You think I’d get satisfaction in watching Zithero be punished?” I accused the old woman.
“Let us see…” she tapped the next card, “This will be your focus, or at least, how you view your focus.”
I flipped the third card.
The image was of a man in robes and a traveling stick, the sort hobos in old cartoons would carry where all their belongings were in a sack at the end. In one hand he held a flower, behind him a dog was on its hind legs. He appeared to be walking forward, merrily, off the edge of a cliff.
“Hmph,” the old woman scoffed, “The Fool.”
I smiled to myself, “Zithero.”
“Clearly that is how you see him,” she sighed, “I’ll remove my bias here, but I’m not in disagreement. The Fool here does represent how you view Zithero,” she moved her hand over it, “Folly, mistakes, accidents but all from one’s novice understanding of magic.”
I grimaced, “Please tell me that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to undo what was done to me.”
“Undo what was done?” she said, looking to my right hand, “Tell me, Hannah, what did you expect? For your hand to regrow? For the world to right itself? Accidents happen and they do not happen without consequence,” she shook her head, “I am certain now, why this card appeared. While you think Zithero a fool, this card is representative of something you fear: the very fact that Zithero is unaware of what he is doing with his magic.”
My brow furrowed, “Meaning…”
“Even now with me telling you, you won’t accept the possibility?” the crone sighed, “Your hand, my dear, is marred for life. We only have our physical bodies for so long. What we do to them, and what is done to them, is what we have for a lifetime. There is no undoing what has been done,” she tapped the next card, “We can only move forward. But to move forward, we must first take a look back.”
I flipped the next card.
The image filled me with a fair amount of displeasure. It was a man, facing away, carrying ten long staves. He looked to be labored, struggling, far away from a village in the background, but making his way here nonetheless.
“Of course, the>! Ten of Wands!<,” she looked to me, “Your hand, as you showed me, appears oppressed, held back. You treat this as a burden you can barely carry and yet there are easier ways to go about it.”
“Go about it?! Have you suffered like this?” I said, motioning to my hand.
“Can you move it, dear?” she asked.
“Don’t dear me,” I snapped.
“It was a simple question,” she asked again.
“Yes…” I confessed, showing her that I could move the hand, slowly.
“You can do far more, but you hold yourself back. You cannot move past this limitation, but you must,” she explained, “You cannot continue to oppress the gift you’ve been given.”
“Now you sound like Elsa,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.
“She sounds wise,” the woman commented.
“Wise?!” I snapped, “She was busy inventing superhero names for me because of my hand! Telling me I had powers!” I growled, “This is not some ‘blessing’, it is a curse!” I shouted.
“Is that what you think?” the crone placed her hand to the next card, “For that will change what you think is possible.”
“I doubt it,” I said, flipping the card.
There, on the front, was a demonic creature. A pentagram over it’s head as it glared angrily at me. Below the demon, chained together, were a man and woman, each sporting horns and a tail.
The Devil,” the old woman said mischievously.
“I’m assuming that’s bad,” I commented.
“That’s because you’re blind to the world around you,” she chuckled, “The Devil, here? It means your perception is clouded… You’re seeing things incorrectly, viewing them through a lens of anger and hatred. You stand here demanding the world accept that you’ve been cursed, but those close to you try to show you the benefits of your situation.”
“The benefits?!” I shouted incredulously.
She nodded, “You prove this card more true with each moment you stay in your position now, stuck, unwilling to move on or grow from what has happened,” she smiled at me, “Unable to move, yet you must. You must know that in the end, though you may not receive the outcome you desire, it will be an outcome you will be satisfied with,” she smiled.
“I’m stuck, but I must move?” I said, lifting an eyebrow, “Isn’t that contradictory?”
The Chariot shows us that much. That a journey must happen for you to truly grow… But what is in your future? Since we’ve looked at the past and the potential, let us see what lies ahead,” her finger moved to the next card.
I frowned, my hand moving to it.
“The ‘cold reading’, as you call it, is over here, girl,” the woman said, her eyes shifted on mine, “For while I may have been mildly informed of your situation, challenges, focus and past… I do not know your true future.”
I flipped the card, not breaking eye contact.
There a man stood, sneaking away from an encampment of some kind carrying five long swords, grabbing them by the blade. Two swords stood stuck into the ground behind him.
"The Seven of Swords," The old crone said as she moved her hand over the card, looking me over, “You’re cunning and in that you’re going to plot out your vengeance for my grandson. However you will call it Justice, to soothe your own conscience. For you’re not just deceiving me or him, but yourself as well. Your quest for vengeance and self gratification at the expense of another’s freedom will lead not just to the ruination of him, but everyone around you.”
“Just by seeing that Zithero is arrested?” I said, narrowing my eyes on her.
She nodded, “I already know what your next card is. I can see it in your eyes. Your path, the one you wish for, is beset by chaos,” the old woman’s brow furrowed as she closed her eyes, “and Chaos, it seems, has grown strong in recent years. I feel her grip on the world grow all the more potent as each day passes.”
I moved to the next card and turned it.
A crown was shown toppling off a large tower. Lightning had struck it and fire burned in the windows of the mighty tower. It sat on a cliff and two men, one most certainly a king, were falling from a great height towards their imminent demise.
The Tower,” the old woman said, without even opening her eyes, “Chaos will consume you, as you struggle to deal with the loss of your hand and the loss of your vengeance. But in this moment of utter despair, from the ashes of destruction, you can build anew. A new purpose and self from the darkness.”
“You keep pushing me to accept some kind of outcome I’m not looking for,” I sneered, “You’re trying to direct me to not find and bring Zithero to justice.”
“I’m trying to tell you the cost of such actions,” she opened her greying eyes, “Because this is not as simple as you would believe. Far more is at play than you can ever understand or believe,” she moved her hand to the next card, “This, I am also certain of, seeing as how the cards have fallen.”
“They’re your cards,” I snapped, “Of course you’d know them.”
The old woman laughed, “My cards? No, my dear, as with life: I may own the deck, but these cards you took from it? They are yours and yours alone.”
I turned the next card over.
Nine swords were stacked on top of one another over a man sitting up on a bed. His hands were covering his face in despair.
“Your environment is full of cruel things, terrible acts and vicious individuals,” she looked to me, “An interesting fact is that thus far, every card is upright.”
“Meaning?” I asked, curious for once.
“With this card, it means you see the world at face value, there is no disillusionment for you, no thoughts of interpreting things differently. When someone hands you a blue card you see it as blue and consider not it’s deeper meaning,” she tapped the card, “So this accident that befell you? You see it only as malicious, as cruelty inflicted upon you. You imagine that Zithero did this to you intentionally or with a dark purpose. You cannot see past his actions, you cannot see his intent.”
“And what was his intent?” I sneered.
“His intent,” she said, looking to me, “Was to woo the prettiest girl in his audience, to impress her and to show her his skills as a manner of doing so,” she smiled, “He fancied you, thought you to be beautiful and deserving of the spotlight.”
I held up my hand, “Well, he gave me this as a result. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, right? How’s that for some profound nonsense,” I sneered.
She nodded, “The Road to Hell. Interesting you should say such a thing,” she looked to my hand, “Is it truly Hell?”
I nodded, “It’s horrifying.”
“Let us see then, what it is that rests in your heart,” her old finger moved to the next card, “Go on.”
I flipped the card, looking to see what was next.
A man with crutches, clearly crippled, walked in the snow behind a woman clad in a ratty shaw. Above them was a stained glass window with five pentacles arranged in two rows of two, with the first above either row.
The Five of Pentacles,” she looked to me, “You feel despair, you’re isolating yourself, because you fear the curse on your hand,” she moved her hand over the card, closing her eyes,
“I don’t fear it, I have control over it,” I stated.
“You fear to use it, you wish to keep it contained or remove it from your arm entirely,” she said, her eyes fluttering under closed lashes, “For in your heart, you are afraid to embrace the positives of this affliction. You fear that in doing so, you will give it more power and as it’s power grows, you will diminish. You fear it will grow deeper into you, change you and make you inhuman in the process.”
I swallowed hard as I flexed my hand, the vines swelling as she spoke.
“You see a future where you wake up, bound by the vines, rooted to the floor, nothing left of your humanity but your mind as roots dig you deeper into the ground, vines growing taller and pulling you apart, leaving you nothing but a plant in human shape-” I cut the old woman off.
“Enough!” I shouted, moving her hand from the card.
She opened her eyes, locked on mine, “These are your hopes and fears, not mine. It is also not true,” she smiled, “That is in your mind,” she moved a hand to my now swollen vines, “These rely on you, don’t you see? They could have done far worse to you, but they do not. They show you their pain, at worst, but hold no ill will towards you,” she smiled softly, “Do you feel this reading is all woe and suffering?”
“I…” I frowned, “I don’t know.”
“This is what you see, what you perceive as reality, but that doesn’t mean it’s the truth, dear Hannah,” she glanced at the last card, “This hand, this alien creature which has been bound to you? It doesn’t seek your destruction or your demise, it doesn’t wish to ruin you, it reacts to you. It would never consume you, for then it would die as well,” she tapped the last card.
I moved to flip it, but she stopped my left hand.
I paused, reaching out with my right, vine covered hand and flipped the last card.
A woman sat on a throne before a shore. She wore robes and a crown and held an ornate chalice in her hand. The imagery was serene, compared to what I had seen so far and seeing it filled me with an odd sense of comfort.
The old woman smiled, “The Queen of Cups,” she turned to me, “These vines… They see you as their mother. You gave them life, you tend to them, even though you fear they will grow over you if you give them power. Still they take from you only what you give them and as you tend to them, you will grow into a mother for more than these little vines on your hand,” she released my hand.
I sat there, dumbfounded, “I… Never imagined myself as a mother.”
“You should begin to, because in the end that is your true destiny, that of a mother figure,” the old woman smiled, “Your outcome is such and I believe I know who you would care for.”
I looked at her, “Don’t say Zithero.”
She laughed, “No, not him,” she got to her feet, moving past the curtains.
“So, you’ll tell me where to go?” I demanded.
“Oh, my dear I can tell you plenty of where to go, but would it be right? Who knows! I can tell you where Zithero went, but he left months ago, so I couldn’t say where he is exactly,” she called out.
“Then, what was the point of all of this?!” I glared in her direction.
“So that I could know you, know the sort of person you are,” she walked out, carrying a small satchel in her hands, “The sort of person you wish to become, for example.”
“You are judging me, based on the cards?” I asked.
“The cards judged you and I believe you’re trustworthy,” she said, sitting across from me, “I am trusting you because the cards revealed your truth. That your vengeance stems from fear, that you hold yourself back because of fear and that you’re looking out for yourself, above all others.”
“I’m not afraid,” I defended.
“My dear, I didn’t say you were a coward,” she chuckled, “You’re far from that. You’re driven, motivated, but that doesn’t mean you are without fear. Fear isn’t something to run from,” she chuckled, “Bravery, for example, is merely the act of facing down one’s fears and I’m certain you can do so.”
I opened the satchel and inside was a pendent. It was a coin of some kind. I turned it over in my hand, looking at it carefully.
It was crudely struck, but etched into it I could see letters at the base. The front was that of a man wearing a helmet, while the back was that of a man sitting on a chair, holding what I would best recognize as a peacock.
“What is this?” I asked.
“A Drachma,” she smiled, “An old one. The bust is that of my ancestor, King Alexander,” she chuckled.
“You’re… Telling me that you’re a descendant of Alexander the Great?” I asked.
She nodded, “A lost line, to be sure, but one that is true.”
I glanced at the inscription, which was in a language and alphabet I didn’t recognize, “And what does this say?”
He killed my love and escaped to the stars,” she said, shaking her head.
“Who killed what?” I asked.
“The last words of Alexander the Great, etched onto this coin, are a mystery, but I know the man who they speak of,” she said, looking me in the eye, “But if I tell you, would you believe me?”
I looked at the coin within the pendent and then at the cards. My eyes roamed over The Devil and then locked my eyes on the old woman’s, “Yes.”
“He is the ancient Master of those gifted in my family line with magic. He holds their souls, in an infernal contract Alexander made in the throes of mourning. Wishing for death, it was granted by him, certainly,” she sighed, “He is who Zithero is running from, not you. To find him, you must travel openly, seeking Zithero. You must do so indiscreetly, so as to draw attention from those who are also seeking Zithero.”
“That includes this… Man?” I frowned.
“He is not a man,” she hissed, “He is a creature of pride and vengeance. Zithero must never fall into his hands,” she sighed, “But for you, my dear, should you hope to find Zithero, you must gain the attention of those seeking him. You must use your gift to attract their attention.”
I glanced to my hand, then to her, “Then I’ll find him?”
“Yes,” she smiled, “Should you get into trouble, you use that coin.”
“How do I use it?” I asked.
“You’re resourceful,” she chuckled, “I’m sure you’ll find a way.”
Soon the old woman was picking me up and pushing me out of her trailer.
“Now go, go! I won’t let you stagnate any longer! Be off with you!” she said happily.
As I moved to leave, I turned back to her, “Wait, I never got your name.”
She stood in her trailer, grinning to me, “After all this time, you finally decided to ask?”
I blushed, embarrassed at my rude behavior.
“Roxana,” she said softly, “Roxana Alexandratta.”
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2021.10.18 00:48 AYFINMRK I don't know what this enemy is and it cant be killed someone please help its not anywhere on the repentance wiki

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2021.10.18 00:48 kaskibenireco Matan Caspi & Teklix - East To West [Outta Limits]

Publisher: Outta Limits
Out Date: 2021-10-15
Quality: MP3 16.75 Mb / AIFF 0.00 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Matan Caspi & Teklix - East To West / (Key Dm, BPM 123, Length 6:58)​
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2021.10.18 00:48 trav644 Vikings are now 2-0 with Anthony Barr in the lineup.

It’s very clear that he’s an upgrade over anyone else we have out there and his presence and play style are elite in this defensive scheme.
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2021.10.18 00:48 Leeuwarden-HF I'm So Sick of that Meme! Anyways...

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2021.10.18 00:48 CatsOP Which level are summoned minions from items?

Like for example Arakaalis Fang, which level are the spiders and what level of viperstrike do they use, what's their base dmg etc.?
How do you check stats like that? The only thing I could find was this but I don't know which level to choose (84/82/78/73/68)
Thanks in advance
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2021.10.18 00:48 Lilyo Revealed: how UK spies incited mass murder of Indonesia’s communists

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2021.10.18 00:48 Jackinator94 The WB Commercials from September 2004

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2021.10.18 00:48 matttenaliam10 Ad20

ISO demko Ad20 in 3v or 20cv Let me know what you have
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2021.10.18 00:48 ElCapi123 Evolution of the Sturmgewehr

Evolution of the Sturmgewehr Evolution of StG 44.
The pillars of modern warfare were established by the Germans during World War II.
Among the many technological advances applied to the conflict, the Germans are responsible for the first operational assault rifle, the Sturmgewehr 44.
Until then, the German forces were equipped with submachine guns such as the MP40 (whose jolt reduced the accuracy of the shot) and bolt-action carbines such as the Mauser Kar 98k, ideal for long-distance combat but slow reloading and impractical in close quarters fights. .
An assault rifle is basically a sleek submachine gun with a better counterweight system to perfect aim during mass shooting, a long fit that allows it to take precision shots at long range, and a light weight that made it comfortable for both the march. as for shooting in motion. It also had two rates of fire, automatic and semi-automatic.
Since the 1930s the German army has sought to create a practical assault rifle. Until then there were some antecedents like the Russian Fyodorov of 1915, but they were complicated weapons to make, easy to jam and overheat.
In 1942 the German government sent their studies and their projects to the manufacturers Walther and Haenel, who developed two prototypes. Haenel ended up succeeding with its MKb 42 prototype, which used 7.92mm Mauser ammunition widely used in the German army.
Introducing some modifications on request such as the possibility of fitting a telescopic sight, 11,833 units of the MKb 42 were manufactured between 1942 and 1943.

Although MKb 42 was extremely practical, the truth is that the Reich government was made up of cliques jealous of their portion of power and their closeness to Hitler, and these cliques often presented antagonistic projects or related to areas that were not of its incumbency in order to win the favor of the Führer (or overshadow some political rival). Thus the MKb 42 was seen dealing with the FG 42, an automatic rifle used by the Luftwaffe parachute forces and which had been commissioned by Hermann Göring in 1942.
The influence of Göring motivated the cancellation of the MKb 42, although the sponsors of the project, trusting in the effectiveness of the weapon, began to camouflage it and sneakily slip it between Hitler's working papers, changing its name and technical specifications, and maintaining the weapon continuously. developing. Hitler ended up discovering the ruse but, seeing evidence of his efficiency in shooting tests, ordered a sample party.
In this way the MP43 was renamed MP4 and, later, StG 44. The weapon was the same, there were only small changes between one version and another. Hitler's fear was not the specifications of the weapon (or resistance to change by the armed forces) but having it in sufficient quantities to replace 12 million Kar 98 carbines used on the eastern front.
The StG 44 proved highly reliable in the icy Russian steppes, giving infantry a variety of combat modes that a submachine gun or carbine did not possess. In addition, they could face Russian troops armed with the devastating PPSh-41, a short-range machine gun with a high rate of fire and widely used in the Soviet army.

The StG 44 became one of the most popular weapons of the German army, with almost 426,000 units produced between 1944 and 1945. In the postwar period the StG 44 would be adopted by armies of other countries, from the German Democratic Republic to Czechoslovakia, Syria, Yugoslavia… and Argentina, where three nationally manufactured prototypes were built and, after a series of tests, it would end up being discarded in favor of the adoption of the FN FAL.
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2021.10.18 00:48 kaskibenireco Matan Caspi & Stan Kolev - Supernova [Outta Limits]

Publisher: Outta Limits
Out Date: 2021-10-15
Quality: MP3 17.99 Mb / AIFF 0.00 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Matan Caspi & Stan Kolev - Supernova / (Key Am, BPM 123, Length 7:29)​
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2021.10.18 00:48 Liaskai Can I apply for H1B on AOS?

I am talking to a lawyer tomorrow but please advise if you heard anything similar. I am on marriage AOS but getting divorced.
I know H1 is a dual intent visa, so here should be not as bad as if I was going for F1.
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2021.10.18 00:48 Disastrous-Tax7058 Do you think the world would be changed exceptionally if Kanye never existed?

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2021.10.18 00:48 moidhater how deep

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2021.10.18 00:48 the_most_fortunate A love song I created for my fiancee! She said yes! Views, shares and feedback are appreciated 🙌

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2021.10.18 00:48 kaskibenireco Matan Caspi & D-Formation - Arc of Dreams [Outta Limits]

Publisher: Outta Limits
Out Date: 2021-10-15
Quality: MP3 18.91 Mb / AIFF 0.00 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Matan Caspi & D-Formation - Arc of Dreams / (Key Em, BPM 122, Length 7:52)​
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2021.10.18 00:48 Novel_Newt_1407 I need to learn to smile more often

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2021.10.18 00:48 entaly1717 Thinking about transferring to Carleton, tell me more about here!

I’m currently a second year engineering student at Queen’s math and eng program. My gf currently goes to OttawaU and we’ve had a hard time away from from each other. I enjoy being in Ottawa so much more than Kingston and if I move in with her it helps us both out financially.
It’s a bit stressful for me because I hope to transfer during the semester change, and at Queen’s all of my courses were chosen for me. I know not everywhere does this.
I know it’s kinda broad but I was hoping I could be told more about the eng programs. I have a bigger interest in Aerospace, Biomedical, Electrical, EngPhys, and Communications looked interesting.
Any information is good information, I hope to be a part of this community within a few months!
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2021.10.18 00:48 meilaki Gerobak Semen 2021

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2021.10.18 00:48 Rampage2547 Help

im trying to break records in a single season/career any franchise ideas
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