Distro not detecting my graphics card

2021.09.18 13:44 CarPrudent5697 Distro not detecting my graphics card

I have an acer aspire 5 a515-41g-13u1 with a RX540 graphics card, but the only distros that detect my graphics card are Ubuntu and Pop-OS. I want to use Manjaro, but it only detects the integrated graphics of the notebook. Does anyone know how to fix this? I haven't found anyone with a similar problem
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2021.09.18 13:44 TahitiMangoFarmer2 I can’t get over these Gibs

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2021.09.18 13:44 nachoolo It's in the name. So it must be so.

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2021.09.18 13:44 Creamkitty_56 A cat who loves Watermelon

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2021.09.18 13:44 Harinazumi Uxie Raid+10 7849 6307 3360

7849 6307 3360
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2021.09.18 13:44 imadethisaccforhvh Red Trust accounts

Is there a place where I can buy Prime accounts that are in red trust factor? Or are there any ways to get red TF fast?
Tired of getting 24hr griefing report bans all the time.
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2021.09.18 13:44 thebitcoinpartybot 17% of australians now own crypto, totaling $8b between them: survey

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2021.09.18 13:44 wesraven2021 📣 Dear #IBGians, we will hold an #AMA with our new CEO, Aneesha Reihana, on the 23rd of September at ⏰ 9:00 PM GMT+8 in the @IbgFinance Telegram Chat!

📣 Dear #IBGians, we will hold an #AMA with our new CEO, Aneesha Reihana, on the 23rd of September at ⏰ 9:00 PM GMT+8 in the @IbgFinance Telegram Chat!
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2021.09.18 13:44 Key_Education_7350 Such cute little grey feets! And so much poop, everywhere except in her litter tray.

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2021.09.18 13:44 ozymandias2891 Serious

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2021.09.18 13:44 Lumpy_Language664 Drunk asf hmu

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2021.09.18 13:44 Wahlbenachrichtigung Bucht Cala Sa Nau | Urlaub auf Mallorca

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2021.09.18 13:44 Commercial-Ask4502 YOOOO what’s happening good people of reddit

Anyone still up skiing? How’s your night going?
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2021.09.18 13:44 esodarkelf Here's a modern ham radio operator (and gaming) battlestation

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2021.09.18 13:44 Borankay7 Cryptocurrency's that you need to stay away from - For Beginners.

One of my closest friends has wanted to talk about cryptocurrency with me. He wants to start buying and hopefully hodling some crypocurrencies and he wanted my opinion on some. And I have warned him about 3 cryptocurrencies that I think are a risk for a beginnner.

  1. EOS
I have seen and heard a lot of people lost major bucks from this crypto. They look like a major scam. They try to get the most money out of you. Their CEO is careless about the coin and because this coin is used in gambling a negative news report would shake the value of the coin.
  1. DOGE
Dogecoin is a controversional one. DOGE is now a well-known coin, thanks to Elon Musk. And it was one of the coins that he asked me about. DOGE can experience massive returns but it is an extremely risky invesment. And there are better options then DOGE out there. DOGE is one of the most manipulated coin by media interaction and this makes it unpredictable. And the fact that DOGE has unlimited supply it makes it harder toincrease its price because of market capitalization. But I told him if he wants the risk he can get a little amount to hodl.
  1. HOT
As you may now holochain gets shilled a lot and it is volatile. Projections show that it may rise if it gets adopted more but projected annual yield increases are low and I don't think it is a good investment for a beginner.
After we talked about 15-20 cryptocurrencies he is convinced to start his cryptocurrency adventure. He was convinced to invest in the range of 100-500$ on BTC, ETH, DNT (I like this project a lot), CHZ, SXP and hodl at least a year or so.
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2021.09.18 13:44 walkz187 [XB1] H: Legacies, Fixers, PA & Scout Armour sets W: 3* EE GL & VE Tesla / open to offers

When commenting please state what item you have to offer and what you would like in return from my list. I will not reply if not done. thanks
BE15r Flamer
TSE15r Flamer
AAE25 Tesla
3* VE Tesla
3* Exe E Gatling Laser
B50c25 Enclave plasma w stock and reflex sight.
Open to other offers, keep in mind i will only trade legacies for legacies. no harpoons,radiums or Dragons
AAE 250 GP
AAE250 Flamer
EE250 GP
BE Flamer
DEFMS Flamer
JE Flamer
BE15v Tesla
JE250 GL
TSE250 Gauss
JE Laser
TSE90 Tesla
AAE 1A Ult laser
VE15r Laser
BE Laser
B2525 Combat Rifle
BE15V Combat Rifle
J2525 Combat Rifle
AAE25 Handmade
B2515R Handmade
B2515V Handmade
BE15v Handmade
BE25 Fixer
B5015v Handmade
FE25 Handmade
J2515v Handmade
J3325 Handmade
J5025 Handmade
QE15R Handmade
V2515R Handmade
B25FMS Plasma Gun
VE25 Railway
Q2515r Tesla
AA3325 Fixer
AriE15R Fixer
J2525 Fixer
J2515v Fixer
Q251A Fixer
Q2515R Fixer
Q2525 Fixer
Q3325 Fixer
V3325 Fixer
V2525 Fixer
V5025 Fixer
B2525 Fixer
B3325 Fixer
B3350 Fixer
B50c15v Fixer
B50c25 Fixer
BE25 Fixer
B50c50 Fixer
F2525 Fixer
I3325 Fixer
I5015c Fixer
AAE50 Fixer
AAE25 Fixer
AA5015c Fixer
TSE25 Fixer
B2525 Handmade
BE25 Lever Action
B5025 Lever Action
I2515R Lever Action
IE15R Lever Action
AA25/250 50 Cal
EE15v 50 cal
J2590 50 Cal
BE15v Gatling Gun
B2590 Gatling Laser
J2590 Gatling Plasma
B40 1s Bear Arm
AA40SS 15% less DMG Meat Hook
IE15r Combat Shotgun
I2515r Combat Shotgun
TSE15r Pump Action
Mixed FSA/USA sets
Uny AP Sentinel
Uny AP Cavalier
Uny AP Sneak
Bol AP Sentinel
Van AP Sentinel
Van AP Cavalier
Van AP Sneak
(Power Armour)
Ass Sentinel Unltracite
OE Cavaliers Ultracite w 2 AP
OE Sentinel Unltracite
Van Cavalier X-01 w 1 AP
Van WWR Raider w 1 AP
Cham WWR Excavator w 1 AP
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2021.09.18 13:44 clip_mirror_bot Sim Racer's First On Stream Earthquake

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2021.09.18 13:43 Flyace1 Ace week isn't far away

Hey! ace week is coming next month from oct 24-30, He missed last years but lets hope this post and remind him
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2021.09.18 13:43 Dumb3rdoor Bose Soundsport Free - the Bud that could

The premise of this is that i personally dislike in ear design headphones, and this review is directed exclusively at people that feel the same.
If you don´t mind the feeling of in ears, there are loeads of great options out there in every pricerange,- half in easemi open earbuds though? not so much.
The Bose Soundport Free offer IPx4, meaning you can ridse your bike in the rain, but not through the ocean.
rinsing them off should be possible, but i´d advice against. Ipx ratings represent the new product and this diminishes after use.

This will be more of a recommendation, rather than a full fledged review, and i don´t claim this is the last word on TWS Earbuds either, but i tried a few and this was the winner by a lot.
Listening to the Bose Soundsport i found them to be pretty balanced leaning towards a warm representation. this was especially important to me, because i heard a lot of TWS earbuds that had some really annoying treble peaks, which made some genres a real drag to listen to, especially when sybilants met rock guitars, the other buds couldn´t cope.
A prominent example for this are the galaxy buds live. i found their design amazing, and sound signature was nice for r&b for example, but the extreme treble spikes made them hard to listen to, with Kabuki for example.

Listening to Shinobue was impossible with the GBL

The Bose Soundport on the other hand are very easy to enjoy, provide more bass than any other earbuds, while still maintaining a balanced profile.
FR can be found here

Now some caveats:
- There is a constant hiss, often found in TWS, i found this inconsequential, but if you are sensitive to this kind of thing, be aware.
- They are huge, form factor is really terrible and they look like you have little sattelite dishes attached to your ears. (I actually opted for the newer Bose Sport Buds first, because of this, because they are a lot smaller, but compromises in sound quality were made there. The Soundsport may look huge, but they sound it as well)
- BT 4.2 this doesn´t affect the sound quality, but in theory higher bandwidth and protocols should enable bt 5.2 to provide higher quality, but this really is a pretty exotic use case still, and you will not find devices that go beyond CD quality rn. if you are looking for 5.2 benefits, like multiple devices connected simultaneously, you will not find this here.
-higher Latency/no AptxLL These are not for Video/Games. Latency is noticeable and you will not have a good time.
-huge charging case with only 10h reserve. yeah, this is a bummer. small pockets? get outta here.
The Bose Soundsport Free are not up to date and they show it. especially the huge charging case with microusb and no quick charging are a big turn off, also my girlfriend laughs at me, when i have them in my ears. so if you are single, keep those dishes hidden.
That being said, they sound AMAZING to me, especially if you take the Earbud design into account.
If you want a lifestyle solution, get the galaxy buds life, and try to tame their terrible frequency response peaks, but if its only about sound these are it.
IPx 4 was also a huge factor for me, because water really is the enemy here, and earbuds will always be prone to come in contact with a light drizzle, sweat etc, and the bose can survive a dive into the toilet, if you want them to...

Other Earbus i tried, to give some perspective
Bose Sport Bud (newer version), Galaxy Buds Live, Panasonic RW400, Oppo Free, OG Airpods
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2021.09.18 13:43 WorldofWordPress 9 Expert Tips to Make Blogging a Strong Source of Income

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2021.09.18 13:43 CauliflowerFlaky6127 Rule

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2021.09.18 13:43 Toohandsometoshowmyf Laptop for uni student

Total budget (in local currency) and country of purchase. Please do not use USD unless purchasing in the US:
Max £1500
Are you open to refurbs/used? No
How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life?
Battery should last all day, build quality should be good and a good cpu for games to pair with my egpu.
How important is weight and thinness to you?
Ideally small enough to fit in a backpack and under 2 kg.
Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A. 15" or below
Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.
Gaming and programming. Games are modern titles, and I plan to play bf2042
If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?
It will be paired with an egpu with my old 1080ti, so the cpu should be fast enough to keep up with it. 1080p 144fps
Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? Fingerprint reader would be nice, and a keyboard that is comfortable
Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.
Hopefully it can last through university, dedicated gpu is not necessary.
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2021.09.18 13:43 mrjayviper help out a WC newbie: how would I install the fittings on this reservoir? I'm guessing the the side with 4 holes is the top and the 2 holed-one is the bottom. I'm thinking of ignoring the middle holes and just use the side ones. thoughts? Thank you.

help out a WC newbie: how would I install the fittings on this reservoir? I'm guessing the the side with 4 holes is the top and the 2 holed-one is the bottom. I'm thinking of ignoring the middle holes and just use the side ones. thoughts? Thank you. submitted by mrjayviper to watercooling [link] [comments]

2021.09.18 13:43 perrybeard82 Baby wanaka farm just launched

🎉 BaBy Wanaka Farm 🎉 🔗 BSC Network
💎 Stealth Launch >>> avoid snipe bot 💎 10% $Wanaka Farm reflection >>> passive income 💎 Dedicated members team >>> #safu #longterm
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TOKENOMICS: 💰 Total supply: 1,000,000,000 🔑15 % Team wallet 💑5 % Airdrop for Activity and giveaway 💰 80% available supply 🔥Burned 5% After hit 100K MC (We are very transparent, For every payment and airdrop will post in TG group) 🔒Liquidity Locked with (DXSALE) 🤖 Anti-bot 🐳 Anti-whale: Sell Max Tx is 0.5% 💰 Max Wallet: 2% After will increase up to 3% 🎁 Automatic Reward: every 60 minutes (Depend on Volume)
Tax Distribution 18% Total fees: 💎 10% WANAKA FARM reward 📣 4% Marketing
🔐 4% LP WHY Baby Wanaka Farm ( TOKEN)? ✅ Accumulate Wanaka Farm for the next bull run (with the main market trend) ✅ 100% Transparent & Clear Rules ✅ No rug pulls or honeypots ✅ Community driven with experience team leads ✅ Huge 1000x growth potential
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2021.09.18 13:43 alcohpendent I lost another friend today

We had a relationship that was you know joking around type. Guess she wasn't having it today, she decided to cut me off.
Another bites the dust..yay.
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