Resetting a ~6 year old blue yubikey

2021.09.18 13:23 kimsabok Resetting a ~6 year old blue yubikey

I've recently come across a few YT videos on yubikeys and would like to use one for faster login to email accounts, banking etc. I currently use a phone as a 2fa device, and this typically takes an additional ~30 seconds to login to my accounts.
I have an old blue yubikey that was given to me (used/2nd hand) by a colleague about 6 years ago. this was supposed to be for logging into online advertising platforms for work purposes - however i never used it as 2fa wasnt a requirement back then - and has been sitting in my desk.
i would like to use it now (for personal accounts/purposes). having looked around on reddit, it seems the next step would be to reset it. i believe i need to navigate to the applications > fido2 tab within the yubikey manager windows 10 app to do this - however this option is greyed out.
is there something i am missing - and please could you let me know if it is unsafe to use a "hand-me-down" yubikey, or if the age of the device makes it unsafe. thanks!
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2021.09.18 13:23 joeygallinal Jocasta Nu has jokes

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2021.09.18 13:23 jamescollon1 ❤️BTS as Babies❤️

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2021.09.18 13:23 jairorate [FOR HIRE] DM here or twitter :)

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2021.09.18 13:23 PhilD424 HydraCoin 🔥 Fair Launch Now We will bring security and innovation to Binance Smart Chain.

HydraCoin 🔥 Fair Launch Now We will bring security and innovation to Binance Smart Chain. 🔥 Fair Launch Now

We will bring security and innovation to Binance Smart Chain.

We built this token on Binance Smart Chain. 10% Tax is Alloctaed on every Transfer.

HydraCoin is a hyper deflationary token, that collects 10% of each transaction and then, after any sale happens, the contract will automatically buy tokens and burn them, this system causes there to be more BNB in the pool and fewer tokens, which it will do that the price increases

📊 Tokenomics 📊

Total supply

✅ No Dev Wallet

✅ Verified Contract

✅ Renounced

💰 Taxes 💰

📥 5% To Holders

📥 3% Liquidity

📤 2% Burn

✅ Contract verified and ownership renounced

🔓 Liquidity is locked

📱Telegram :

🖥 Website : coming soon

🥞 PancakeSwap (V2):

📈 Chart (Bogged):
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2021.09.18 13:23 Virtual_Basis_7237 When the dust settles

When The Dust Settles
PS4 / Chenarus/ PVP+PVE
A Server by the players and for the players
Slots: 32 (will be increased as server grows) Server Location: Europe
Brand new server 🆕 Friendly but no-nonsense Admins 🙎‍♂️ Green Zone spawns ✅ Settlements are zombie free🏡 Heli crashes have zombie hordes🧟 Raiding on weekends in the red zone. 🪓 KOS outside the green zone ❤️‍🔥 Purges with 24 hour notice🔪 Kill-feed and more on Discord🗒 Traders at Green mountain🏪 Factions🏴‍☠️ Community events🎪 Custom weapons and gear 🔫 Green zone is around green mountain, with settlement towns that are spread out to reduce lag.
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2021.09.18 13:23 OXY23 [PS4] H: BFFR Pepper Shaker, BE 25ap Flamer and JE 250 Flamer W: Legendary PA sets (not PSA)

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2021.09.18 13:23 SpockOnPilgrimage Q: List of Skill modifiers from Armor and Weapons

Q: List of Skill modifiers from Armor and Weapons Hi all,
I didn't find a list or really not too much about the Skill modifiers that can be found in gear.
Like this
If you have knowledge of a list that contains the modifiers found in gear that affect various Weapon Skills, please share :) Would be nice to sort per Weapon.

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2021.09.18 13:23 Cold-Boysenberry4586 Bands That Opened For MCR That You Listen To Now

What is a band that you saw open for MCR that you never heard of or started listening to more because of them? Mine is Billy Talent. They opened for them in 2008. And btw, if you never heard of this band I HIGHLY recommend listening to them. You will not be disappointed! What are some other bands??
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2021.09.18 13:23 Dtrinnie 🍰Pumpcake🍰 Stealth Launch 🍰Listed On PancakeSwap 🍰 Liquidity locked

🍰Pumpcake🍰 Stealth Launch 🍰Listed On PancakeSwap 🍰 Liquidity locked 

Welcome to 🍰Pumpcake🍰

🍰Telegram :

🍰Honeypot :

🍰Buy :

🍰Slip 3%

🍰Contract : 0x3bc6a89fe56cf18aa0bb0adcbaf2f90bc5c4e334

TOKEN 🍰Pumpcake🍰 is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network.





• 📜 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:

- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch

- Total Supply: 100,000,000

- No dev wallet (Dev will also buy at start)

-Ownership Renounced

- Liquidity Locked 100%

- No dev wallet (Admins will also buy after launch and keep feeding the liquidity if it is necessary)

❤️ We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!

We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders..💸
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2021.09.18 13:23 onixsantafe lure

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2021.09.18 13:23 tonoy12 Happy Batman Day! Here's my fan art of Batman Beyond 😁

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2021.09.18 13:23 maa112 How come fortnite online - to load into is really fast and quick, but gta online to load into takes ages? (Ps5)

As per the title
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2021.09.18 13:23 ApdoAlsina EUW Jungle looking for team

Tier 2/3 I speak English and german fluently Looking for today and/or tomorrow IGN: Apdo Alsina
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2021.09.18 13:23 brazilianInAShell Just rolled 10x and got Elijah & Lailah + Talene. As a new player (3 weeks) I'm pretty happy! Any thoughts on this?

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2021.09.18 13:23 Notcodysomeoneelse What single action could Merlin have done differently that would have changed everything for the better? How would things have changed?

The first thing that comes to mind is being honest with Morgana about who he was back when she first showed her powers, telling her about the prophecy for Albion and what Arthur is destined for. Explaining that he also is a sorcerer. I think that would have made her less likely to work with morgouse back then.
Telling Arthur that magic and the old religion isn't evil, rather than shunning it during the Desir. That was a real make or break point.
The biggest one i feel is just Merlin choosing to trust Modred instead of leave him for dead in EVERY episode of the last season. Despite the prophecy, if Merlin came clean and explained WHY he couldn't trust Mordred, or even called down the dragon to tell him himself about the entire prophecy and what was to come. Modred basically had the exact same ideology as Merlin, and had Merlin chose to trust him early in the last season, a lot of issues could have been prevented, and they could have changed how Modred's destiny was tied to Arthur.
What are all of your thoughts? I'm rewatching up to the last episodes now and it's just killing me on how Merlin could have handled MOST things differently.
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2021.09.18 13:23 Stratobitz Save yourself trouble and just stay quiet about investing in crypto

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2021.09.18 13:23 JANSOLOMON Investment Property - Comanche Cove - 913 Thicket Trl Granbury TX 76048

Investment Property - Comanche Cove - 913 Thicket Trl Granbury TX 76048 All the comforts of home. You'll love this serene property on the shady side of the lake. Just a short walk from the water and just around the corner from excellent restaurants and shopping. This is all about location, location, location! Close to Lake Granbury and major highways. If you're looking for that perfect place to settle down and enjoy your private oasis, look no further than Comanche Cove. Classy but casual; open yet comfortable. The photos say it all. This is Southern living at its best.
Here are the details:
Address: 913 Thicket Trl Granbury TX 76048 Cash Payment: $24,000 Financing Proposed: Cash, 3rd Party Financing, Owner Financing Financing Terms: Down Payment: $5,000 Term of Loan (months): 48 Total Monthly Payment: $520.34 Parcel Number: R000008079 Size: 0.29 acres / 12,632 SqFt. Legal description: Comanche Cove Sub Sec B Lot 17 Blk 2 Subdivision: Comanche Cove Sub Sec B HOA Dues: approximately $105 * Please contact COMANCHE COVE OWNERS ASSN at Phone number: 817-573-7822 Email: for more HOA info State: Texas Mobile Home allowed: Yes County: Hood Zoning: Residential Restrictions: Mobile homes are allowed Water Supply: Available for installation Electricity Supply: Available for installation
Nearby attractions:
Shanley Park Acton Nature Center of Hood County Granbury City Beach Park Hood County Museum
Talk to us: Jathan Gurley (469) 854-4031 [](

** Federal, State, and Local Fair Housing Laws protect individuals from housing discrimination. It is unlawful to discriminate based on certain protected characteristics, which include, but are not limited to race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, military status, sex, age, disability, marital status, lawful source of income or familial status.
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2021.09.18 13:23 unironic-socialist my right hand after playing guitar for 15 years

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2021.09.18 13:23 freddyfazbearpizzar JOIN NOW

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2021.09.18 13:23 Outrageous-Bank-9225 🔥 ADArenaline is a Auto Reflection BSC Token With ADA Reflections! ADArenaline | Low MC | Doxxed Dev

Earn Passive income just from holding!!
🤯Feel The Adrenaline By Holding $ADArenaline For Massive Rewards🤯
This token gives one of the highest reflections of ADA in the game! 10% Reflection back into your hands just for hodling. Passive Income of ADA!
🔥ADArenaline Details & Tokenomics🔥
Token Name: ADArenaline
Token Symbol: ADArenaline
Token Type: BEP-20
Total supply: 2,000,000,000
10% ADA Reflection
2% To LP
8% To Marketing Wallet
Contract Source Code Verified
Buy Tax 6%
Sell Tax 6%
📃Contract: 0x7356d10b5c41431888e1ceeb6fd512027aa87ff5
🚀Pancakeswap :
🚀 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.18 13:23 MusaibWadkar Untitled by TUOER.托兒

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2021.09.18 13:23 Battles_45 Weird flex pentagon but ok

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2021.09.18 13:23 Danie746 My baby Odie ❤️

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2021.09.18 13:23 Vicious_in_Aminor Magazine art, sparkly scrapbook paper, free frame.

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